Circle Release Notes

Version 9.6.2 (November 5, 2023)

  1. This is a maintenance release which includes infrastructure changes.
  2. Enhancement: When embedding the Circle analytics into a 3rd party application, the integrator can choose to set the drill-in behavior to open the touchpoint analytics in the current window as opposed to in a new tab. In this way, the user remains within the 3rd party window.
    Note that when accessing analytics in the Circle dashboard, on drill-in, the touchpoint analytics is opened in a new tab as usual. There is no change in the behavior.
  3. Enhancement: Work items received by the agent from Circle are now prioritized.
    Actions coming from the UI now have higher priority and will be processed before other actions, such as scheduled jobs. 
  4. Security improvements and bug fixes.


Version 9.6.1 (July 09, 2023)

  1. Added: Clear Analytics.
    The new Clear Analytics feature lets you clear the project’s analytics before going live and launching the project.
    Analytics for the current project is cleared in the Circle data warehouse only (cloud). It is not cleared from the uProduce tracking database (on prem) of Marketing Console (which has been deprecated), nor is the project history cleared (e.g., event-based automation history). Read more
  2.  Security improvements and bug fixes.


Version 9.6.0 (June 04, 2023)

  1. This is a maintenance release including infrastructure changes.
  2. Added: Password policy hardening. Now the user cannot reuse a previous password when changing their Circle password.
  3. Added: If a run is skipped for whatever reason (the run hung or timed out), a notification is now sent about the skipped run.
  4. Fixed: Previously, in PE12.1 only, the additional fields in list reports were empty. Now, the additional fields in list reports have values.


Version 9.5.3 (March 12, 2023)

  1.  Added: As part of our ongoing commitment to security best practices, we have limited the number of sign-in attempts to 5, after which the user is locked out of the system for a period of time.
  2. Added: As part of our ongoing commitment to data protection and security best practices, we have updated a number of internal APIs to new technologies.
  3. Added: In the Library, it is now possible to show the touchpoint ID for use in the API. This is particularly useful for copying the touchpoint GUID from the screen and pasting it into the API code. 
  4. Fixed: In the Roles page of the Circle UI, the Save and Cancel buttons are always visible in laptop. 
  5. Fixed: Issues with SMS production notification have been resolved.


Version 9.5.2 (January 22, 2023)

  1. Enhancement: As part of our ongoing commitment to data protection and security best practices, in version 9.5.2 we updated additional libraries used in our front and back end technology.
  2.  Fixed: Mockup images can now be displayed in the diagram.
  3. Know issue: Sometimes, when using uCreate Print connectivity, the Print touchpoint Preview link doesn’t appear in Circle on the canvas, even though there is an attached document.

    Workaround: On the Print touchpoint, click the Production icon and then click Settings. In the Settings screen, re-select a setting and save. This forces an update and then the Preview link will appear.


Version 9.5.1 (November 14, 2022)

  1. As part of our ongoing commitment to data protection and security best practices, in version 9.5.1 we updated approximately 45 libraries used in our front-end technology.


Version 9.5 (July 31, 2022)

  1. Maintenance release including security improvements and bug fixes.


Version 9.4 (June 19, 2022)

  1. Added: New recipient journey report, which details the events of a specific recipient throughout the entire campaign.
    You may find this report particularly useful in resolving disputes regarding timing of events and GDPR-related issues. In addition, this report can be used as a source for retargeting purposes. You can analyze the behavior of top-dollar customers in the current campaign, and refine your next marketing campaign accordingly.  Read the help in  English      Deutsch     Français
    This feture requires PersonalEffect 11.2 or above.
  2. Fixed: Various bug fixes.


Version 9.3 (May 1, 2022)

  1. Added: Circle Analytics – Print reports
    Circle Analytics now offers predefined, out-of-the-box reports available for print touchpoints.
    The new reports include key metrics such as the total number of unique recipients for whom print was produced during a defined time period, and the number of non-unique print events over a period of time.
    Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français 
  2. Added: Circle Analytics – Consolidated view of email touchpoints
    In the Analyze dashboard you can now access the analytics of multiple email touchpoints consolidated into a single view.
    This can be very useful when using manual A/B testing or manual throttling.
    Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français 
  3. Fixed: Downloading a list report including an ADOR containing /r or /n (carriage return or new line) now succeeds.


Version 9.2 (February 27, 2022)

  1. Added: It is now possible to count how many recipients will be processed when testing, sending or processing an email, print or SMS touchpoint.

    In the List section, click the Count link to see the number of recipients in that list.

  2. Added: Now, you can add new touchpoints to your project directly from the library, not just from the diagram. Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français 

  3. Added: In the library, you can now duplicate existing email touchpoints with all their settings and definitions (i.e. name, header, body, list, settings, schedule).
    Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français 
  4. PDF on Demand in a secured website now opens in HTTPs protocol.
    In order for the PDF on Demand document to be secured via HTTPs, you must configure an SSL certificate on the XMPL and uProduce servers. For more information, see Configuring a PDF on Demand Document to work with HTTPs.


Version 9.1 (January 9, 2022)

  1. Added: Circle Analytics – KPI gauge customization
    KPI gauges appear at the top of the Analyze tab for instant data visualization. You can now add, duplicate, move, edit, and delete KPI gauges to meet your needs in that specific project.
    Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français 
  2. Added: Circle Analytics – Web conversion by call to action (CTA)
    The website conversion KPI gauge can now be tailored to measure actions tagged as CTA (call to action) so you can measure success based on your call to action. Be sure to identify the important action/link by appending “:CTA” to the tracking name in your website pages before launching the project (
    e.g., xmp-tracking-action=”Form Submitted:CTA”). 
    Note: Clicks on the action/link before it has “:CTA” appended, will not be included in the CTA count.
    You can measure unique web conversion using the KPI gauge, and non-unique CTA metrics by downloading the page performance list report from the web analytics page.
    Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français 

  3. Added: Ability to identify important web actions/links by appending “:CTA” to the tracking name e.g., xmp-tracking-action=”Form Submitted:CTA”.

  4. Added: Circle Analytics – Consolidated link performance report
    Now, in the Email analytics window, you can download a consolidated link performance report with all link performance events included in a single report. This saves you time if you need to view or analyze all the events together in a single view. This is in addition to the ability to download separate reports where each report is focused on a specific link.
    Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français

  5. Added: Data source ID
    Now you can see the data source ID in the data source dropdown in the Library > Master List page.
    Using the ID helps you find the relevant data source when searching for it on the uProduce server.

  6. Changed: uProduce System username and password.
    Note that the place to define the uProduce username and password for connecting to uProduce has been changed. It no longer appears in the Connect dialog. It now appears in the Account section of the File menu.
    See File > uProduce Connection for setting up the uProduce credentials. 

  7. Announcement: Marketing Console discontinuation.

    Marketing Console (MC), the PersonalEffect analytics tool, is being replaced by Circle Analytics.
    – Jan 1, 2022 is the announcement of MC deprecation.
    – Jan1, 2023 is the end of MC support and MC discontinuation.
    See Marketing Console Discontinuation FAQ

  8. Changed: Starting from PersonalEffect v.10.2, in new Circle subscriptions, XMPieRURL ADOR has been replaced by Web ADORs . The UI no longer includes references to XMPieRURL ADOR.

Version 9.0 (November 14, 2021)

  1. Added: Circle Analytics – KPI gauges in Analyze tab

    KPI Gauges have been added to the top of the Analyze tab for instant data visualization.
    Using KPI gauges you can quickly asses how well a given metric is performing against a target goal.
    The Analyze dashboard is supported in projects created after November 2019. Contact Support if you require the Analyze dashboard in earlier projects.
    Read the help in English    Deutsch     Français     |     Video training

  2. Added: In uStore version 14.1, Circle analytics will be available in Campaign on Demand products.


Version 8.9 (October 24, 2021)

  1. Added: Circle Analytics – Analyze dashboard

    Circle Analytics now introduces the Analyze dashboard, which provides a consolidated high-level view of the analytics of all touchpoints in the campaign. From the dashboard it is possible to drill in and access the detailed analytics of each touchpoint.  Read more     |     Video training
    The Analyze dashboard supports projects created after November 2019. Contact Support if you have questions regarding earlier projects.

  2. Added: XMPL version 3.2.
    This XMPL version supports geolocation and device reports for web touchpoints. These reports will include data starting from the installation date of this XMPL version.
    In addition, TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security protocol) is now fully supported (requires PersonalEffect v.10.0.2 or higher).
  3. Known issue: When using Chrome and previewing an email from the diagram, assets are not shown. Workaround: Use Firefox.


Version 8.8 (August 15, 2021)

  1. Added: Circle Analytics – Web reports
    Circle Analytics now offers predefined, out-of-the-box web reports available for web touchpoints.
    The new reports include key metrics such as the number of webpage visitors, the number of visitors who interacted with the page and the number of people who visited a page and left without any further interaction.
    Also included are the new source reports, which show the sources that referred traffic to the website, such as email, print, SMS or social media.
    Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français     |     Video training
  2. Added: Web ADORs.  Requires PersonalEffect version 10.2.
    Web ADORs are special link ADORs which are created for each of the web touchpoints in the project and return a link to the webpage when placed in an email, SMS or other media. These special link ADORs automatically include the media and source parameters used for the source web reports. 
    Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français
  3. Known issue: Projects created before November 2019 do not show web analytics. If you need web analytics in such old projects, please contact Support.


Version 8.7 (July 11, 2021)

  1. Circle Analytics – SMS reports
    Circle Analytics now offers predefined, out-of-the-box SMS reports available for SMS touchpoints.
    The new reports include key metrics such as delivered, failed and unknown. Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français     |     Video training
  2. Fixed: PDF on demand links, RURL links or assets included in a batch email or print now resolve to HTTPS, in projects that are set up to use HTTPS.
  3. Fixed: When a project is set up to use HTTPS and a custom website is created, web preview now works also if there is no friendly URL configured.


Version 8.6 (May 30, 2021)

  1. Added:  Circle Analytics – Date filter
    New filtering options have been added to the date filter. In addition to the All sends and Last send filters, you can now filter according to specific time periods: last week, last month, last quarter, or a custom date range.
    Read the help in English    Deutsch     Français 
  2. Fixed: The “Next Runs” window now shows the correct time, also during summer saving time.
Version 8.5 (April 11, 2021)
  1. Added: In new projects, triggered email analytics now supports List reports, and shows the entire period (from the first send to today) in Performance over time reports.
    Read about List reports in  English    Deutsch     Français 
    Read about Performance over time report in  English    Deutsch     Français
  2. Fixed: Email editor bug fixes.


Version 8.4 (February 21, 2021)

  1. Added: It is now possible to add up to 20 custom project parameters in the Project Parameters window. Read more in  English    Deutsch    Français
  2. Fixed: When downloading a list report, if ADORs cannot be resolved the list report will still download, simply without the ADORs.
  3. Fixed: In Chrome, the preview of a print touchpoint now displays correctly.


Version 8.3 (January 24, 2021)

  1. Added: Sharing the Analytics dashboard.
    It is now possible to share the analytics of your campaign with people outside the scope of Circle.  Using this feature, a link is generated and can be shared with others, without having them log into Circle in order to view the reports. Read more in  English    Deutsch    Français  
  2. Added: Circle Analytics is now available as a standalone application.
  3. Fixed: TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security protocol) is now fully supported in the Agent. This requires PersonalEffect version 10.0.2 or higher.


Version 8.2 (November 22,2020)

  1. Enhancement: Circle Analytics infrastructure was modified, and now all reports run significantly faster.
  2. Changed: When a touchpoint is sent multiple times to the same recipient, the recipient will now be counted in the key metrics according to his/her most significant event.
  3. Fixed: The Unsubscribed list report now differentiates between unsubscribes and complaints.


Version 8.1 (November 15,2020)

  1. Added: The Circle email editor is now available as a standalone application.
    This is a major improvement for customers wishing to integrate with the Circle email editor from an external application.
    This feature is available for customers who hold a Cloud API license. Read more


Version 8.0 (November 1, 2020)

  1. Added: New SMS touchpoint.

    In this first release of SMS touchpoint, Circle supports transactional mass SMS messages.
    The SMS feature has built-in integration with Vonage (formerly Nexmo), but can also be integrated with other 3rd party SMS providers.
    At the moment, the SMS feature supports sending up to 100,000 messages in one send.
    PersonalEffect 9.7 or higher is required. 
    Read more in  English    Deutsch    Français    |    Video training

  2. Added: New monthly rule that allows to set recurrent scheduling for a specific occurrence of day within a month. For example, the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Read more in  English    Deutsch    Français 

  3. Changed: The XMPie End User License Agreement has been updated.


Version 7.9 (October 11, 2020)

  1. Added: Circle now supports automatic suspend/resume of the XES service, in cases when the plan cannot automatically renew due to a problem with the payment method.
  2. Enhancement: Hardening and optimization of the deployment process.
  3. Fixed: When duplicating a project or creating an instance from a template, the ADORs marked to be included in list reports now also appear selected in the duplicate project or instance. This is also fixed in Campaign-on-demand (CoD).


Version 7.8 SP1 (July 26, 2020)

  1. Fixed: In Circle Analytics, if an email test is sent after a production run, when selecting Last Run the data of the last production run is now shown.


Version 7.8 (June 28, 2020)

  1. Added: New and improved XES store for managing your XES subscription:
    — Provides easy management of your subscription, e.g.  change plan, purchase credit, define email credit volume.
    — Can be accessed directly from Circle  with no need for additional sign-on.
    — Available 24/7.
    — All processes within the store are fully automatic and can be done promptly, without waiting for a representative to finalize your request.
    — Contains flexible monthly subscription plans which can be changed every month.
    — Free plan includes 1,000 free emails per month with no commitment.

    The XES store will be available starting from July 1, 2020.


Version 7.7 (May 31, 2020)

  1. Added: Now, in addition to auto-naming dynamic email links, Circle also automatically names and tracks static links in the email. There is no longer a need to invest the effort in naming email links. Tracking according to link name enables you to achieve precise and informative tracking results for important links.

    Link names can be seen in the Link Performance report. 
    This feature requires XES version 3.5 and above.
    Read the help in English    Deutsch    Français 

  2. Added: Support for auto-naming of static and dynamic links in triggered emails.
    This feature requires XES version 3.6.5 and above.
  3. Enhancement: Hardening of the email automation mechanism.
    This requires installation of the latest version of uProduce Email Plugin and uProduce version 9.7.2 or higher. Contact Support for further information.
  4. Fixed: When working on a distributed system, it is now possible to download List reports containing ADORs.


Version 7.6 (March 15, 2020)

Watch the What’s New in Circle 7.6 video

  1. Added: Circle Analytics – List reports
    Circle Analytics now offers list reports, which provide a drill-down into the details of recipients corresponding to a certain event (opened, clicked, unsubscribed, etc.).
    List reports provide access to information such as the number of times a specific recipient clicked in an email, the reason for bounced and failed emails, and recipients who clicked the “Register now” link and completed the registration.
    List reports are available for each key metric and each link in the Link performance report. PersonalEffect 9.7 is a prerequisite for list reports.
    Read the help in English    Deutsch     Français 
  2. Added:  Circle Analytics – Date filter
    The newly added date filter impacts the data displayed in the Analytics window. You can see data for all sends of the email touchpoint or just data from the last send of the touchpoint.
    Date filtering is especially useful when the email touchpoint has been sent more than once (e.g. an email with recurrence). This enables you to focus on the relevant send. For example, if you send a monthly newsletter, you can look at last month’s performance. Read the help in English    Deutsch     Français 
  3. Added: Circle Analytics – Performance over time report The performance over time graph now shows the number of opened and clicked emails for all sends or for the last send (as set in the date filter).
    You can use the scroll bar below the graph to scroll and zoom to different time frames. You can also drag over an area of interest within the graph, such as a peak, to zoom into it.
    Read the help in English    Deutsch     Français
  4. Added: You can easily add recipients to an existing recipient table using the “Append Recipient” option, which can be accessed from the Master List window.
    If you wish to add recipients to a running cross-media campaign, do not replace the recipient table but rather use the Append Recipients option, otherwise the recipients keys may change. For tracking purposes, the recipient must always live in the recipient table with its original key.
  5. Known issue: When downloading a report which contains non-English letters or special characters, fields with special characters may appear corrupt (139855, 139856).
  6.  Known issue: Temporarily, uProduce system saves events in the tracking database even after a job was deleted. This does not occur in Circle Analytics. This issue will be resolved in version 9.7.2 of PersonalEffect, allowing both uProduce tracking database and Circle’s cloud database to return similar results.
  7. Deprecated: The “Disconnect from uProduce” option is deprecated.
    To save the diagram, choose File > Save as.
    To delete a project, choose File > Open, and then delete the required project from the list.


Version 7.4.4.(September 22, 2019)

  1. Maintenance release and preparations for future Circle Analytics reports.

Version 7.4.2 (August 25, 2019)

  1. Fixed: Performance issue. In Circle Analytics, the key metrics and email performance reports which have many events now resolve (138991).
  2. Fixed: In the Analytics Device report, the Apple Mail device row now shows separate bars for mobile and desktop. The totals in the doughnut chart now match the bar chart (138955).
  3. Fixed: In the Analytics Device report, when the device list is very long a scrollbar is now displayed (138957).


Version 7.4.1 (August 18, 2019)

  1. Changed: Geolocation report displays the top 1,000 cities.
  2. Fixed: Geolocation report ceased to respond when there were more than 1,000 cities on the map (138987).


Version 7.4 (August 4, 2019)

  1. Added: Circle Analytics – Device reports.
    Circle Analytics now offers the device out-of-the-box report available on your email touchpoints. This report identifies the most popular devices used by your recipients. With this information, you can test your emails in the most commonly used email clients.
    XES client 3.5 is a prerequisite for the collection of device data.
    Open events which occurred starting from July 12, 2019 are included in the device report. If there were no opens after July 12, 2019, the report will be empty.
  2. Changed: In PersonalEffect version 9.5 and above, the frequency of the scheduled task which brings email events to uProduce was changed. Now the task runs every minute instead of every hour. This effectively speeds up the rate at which events are visible in Circle Analytics and Marketing Console.
  3. Fixed: When viewing the diagram, node icons no longer disappear (136904).
  4. Fixed: In Analytics, the start date now shows the correct date (136904).
  5. Know issue: In the Analytics Device report, when the devices list is very long there should be a scroll bar (138957).
  6. Know issue: In the Analytics Device report, the Apple Mail device row shows the bar chart in the desktop color. However, in some cases, the row includes the Apple Mail mobile device count as well. The totals of the doughnut chart can be out by the amount of the Apple Mail mobile devices (138955).
  7. Known issue: In PersonalEffect 9.6, it is not possible to add records to a data source using Google Chrome (138976).
    • Use Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers, or
    • Go to Chrome’s Settings > Site Settings > Pop-ups and redirects > Allow, and then click Add to add the uProduce URL.


Version 7.2 (June 30, 2019)

  1. Added: Circle Analytics – Geolocation reports.
    Circle Analytics now offers the geolocation out-of-the-box report available on your email touchpoints. The geolocation approximates where your recipients were located when they opened the email, so you can target recipients in specific regions.
    XES client 3.5 is a prerequisite for the collection of geolocation data.
    Open events which occurred starting from June 30, 2019 (deployment of the geolocation feature) are automatically shown on the map, based on the IP address location. If there were no opens since the deployment, the report will be empty.
  2. Changed: The XMPie End User License Agreement was updated with additional sub-processors.
  3. Fixed: In the “First 24 hour performance” report of the Circle Analytics window, the time is now shown in the time zone set in Project Parameters and not UTC (138191).
  4. Fixed: For click events during June 23 and 24, 2019, the tracking database ActionParams field tracked additional information (required for devices and geolocation reports). This resulted in a change in the Marketing Console “Email Click Population List” report. The Link URL column in that report should have been a simple URL but the column included more than just a simple URL. This issue was fixed (later on June 24, 2019) and now the Link URL field displays the simple URL.
  5. Known issue: Some email clients (e.g., Gmail) block tracking of IP information in open events. Such open events are not shown on the map in the geolocation report.


Version 7.0 (May 19, 2019)

  1. Added: Triggered external touchpoint.
    External touchpoints allow Circle to communicate with external services in order to broaden its customer communication capabilities. This communication is triggered from an XMPL webpage, by clicking a button or upon a page load. For example, when submitting a form, a lead can be created in a CRM system, a recipient can be added to an event management service, or a coupon can be sent to a recipient’s wallet, using an external service.The external touchpoint defines the service with which to communicate (via REST API) and the recipient data to be sent (via JSON).Connecting an external touchpoint to provides easy integration with over 1000 services.  Read more  |  Video TrainingNotes:
    – XMPL  3.1 or higher is a prerequisite.
    – External touchpoints are not supported in uStore’s Cross-Media Campaign products.
  2. Fixed: uPlan validation failed when SecureID was included. With PersonalEffect 9.5, validation no longer fails.


Version 6.0 (March 31, 2019)

  1. Added: Circle Analytics – Email reports.
    This is the first phase in a series of deployments to improve and streamline Circle Analytics. This phase includes predefined, out-of-the-box email reports available on your email touchpoints. It is no longer needed to define basic email reports using Marketing Console (MC) since all email touchpoints automatically include the predefined reports. Circle continues to give access to MC reports just as before.
    New reports include key metrics such as delivered/opened/clicked, email performance, 24 hour performance over time, and link performance.
    Together with the auto-naming feature of XES Cloud 3.5.1, important links such as XMPieRURL, Unsubscribe, View in browser, and PDF on demand are automatically tracked by name to identify the specific link performance (for mass email only). If you have XES Client 3.5, you will benefit from the auto-naming link feature and you can also name other links in your email to enhance link tracking.      Read more    |     Video Training
  2. Known issue: In Circle Analytics window the time zone is shown in UTC and not in the time zone set in Project Parameters (138191).
  3. Known issue: Campaign on Demand does not yet include Circle Analytics.
    Workaround: The builder can access the instance in Circle to view its Circle Analytics.


Version 4.7.1 (10455.10455) March 3, 2019

  1. Fixed: Duplicating a project failed in a specific scenario. This is now fixed.


Version 4.7.1 (10455.10455) February 10, 2019

  1. Maintenance release including security improvements.


Version 4.7 (10254.10254) December 9, 2018

  1. Added: SecURL, user authentication in websites, is now supported. When the recipient attempts to access a PURL, he/she is prompted to sign in and provide user authentication. SecURL is implemented on a project level, and affects both managed and custom websites.
    SecURL is not supported in Template-Instance and Campaign-on-Demand (uStore). XMPL 3.0 or higher is a prerequisite.
    Read the help in  English    Deutsch     Français   |   User Authentication   Video Training

  2. Added: TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security protocol) is now supported, offering more security in Circle, the Agent, and XMPL.
  3. Fixed: In Print touchpoints, the Print Settings output format no longer changes from PDF to Interactive PDF (137072).
  4. Fixed: In Demo Business accounts, the Invite feature now works as expected (136453).


Version 4.6.7 (10178.10178) November 18, 2018

  1. Added:  The Email Service – XES page has been added, allowing you to view the status of your subscription and generate a detailed usage report for a specific time range.  Read help in English    DeutschFrançais
  2. Added: You may now save a copy of a PDF on Demand document at the time the document is requested by the recipient, e.g. when the PDF on Demand link is clicked. This is very useful in the world of VDP for keeping an exact copy of what the recipient initially viewed. The copy is saved to a target destination which you define in the uProduce Dashboard.  Read help in EnglishDeutschFrançais
  3. Fixed: The Circle “Never Occurred” event filter now works correctly with a range of records, as well as with the split and turbo functionality. This requires PersonalEffect version 9.4 (137256).
  4. Known issue: In the Email Service – XES page, the Email Account dropdown appears empty if there are no 2G Circle projects connected to the uProduce system selected in the System dropdown. (137255)
    Workaround: In the Build tab of the project, click Connect and save the connection to the required uProduce System. Consequently, the Email Account dropdown will no longer be empty.


Version 4.6.5 (10166.10166) October 28, 2018

  1. Maintenance release.
Version 4.6.4 (10112.10112) August 5, 2018
  1. Added: Auto-Generated Secure ID. For PersonalEffect version 9.3 and above, the recipient key can either be an existing field in your data source (such as CRM-ID), or you can use the auto-generated secure ID option to generate a unique, non- guessable and secure recipient key. The Secure ID option is also useful when conforming to GDPR regulations, as the key does not include PII, it cannot be guessed, and no machine can brute force into the site. Read the help inEnglishDeutschFrançais
  2. Added: Link Tracking Name. Static email links can be tracked by the value of the URL, however personalized links cannot be tracked by their value because it  differs per recipient. Using the Tracking name feature, personalized links can now be tracked and measured based on their name. Tracking data can be retrieved from the Tracking database. This requires XES version 3.5 and above. See more
  3. Added: Interactive PDF Support. For PersonalEffect version 9.3 and above, PDF on Demand documents may now include interactive elements. In Circle, in the PDF preview page, interactive elements are now active. Read the help inEnglishDeutschFrançais
  4. Added: In the Email Editor, static images can be easily replaced with graphic ADORs using the Graphic ADOR option in the context menu. Read the help inEnglishDeutschFrançais
  5. Fixed: In the Email Editor, cutting and pasting text using the keyboard (Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V) now works on both MAC and Windows (136471).


Circle 1G discontinuation. June 6, 2018

  1. Discontinuation: The Circle 1G client is no longer accessible. As a result, 1G scheduled automation will not run and 1G event filters will not function. Nevertheless, the 1G campaign can be run manually from uProduce. See 1G XM Discontinuation FAQ.


Version 4.6.2 (9996.9996) released May 27, 2018

  1.  Added: Maintenance release focused on the GDPR solution.

Version 4.6.0 (9912.9912) released April 29, 2018

  1. Added: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) solution.
    Circle works in conjunction with uProduce to provide tools for GDPR compliance. Read the help inEnglish     Deutsch      Français.
  2. Added: HTTPS protocol is now supported in websites. This ensures that communication between your browser and the website are encrypted.
    HTTPS is implemented on a project level, and affects both managed and custom websites. XMPL 2.1 is  a prerequisite for HTTPS. Read the help in English     Deutsch      Français.
  3. Added: Export/Delete recipient data. Circle provides the ability to export or delete personal identifiable information (PII) of a specific recipient. PII can be found in data source recipient list tables, tracking data, and more. This operation can be performed for all projects within a single uProduce account, or on a project by project basis. Read the help in English     Deutsch      Français.
  4. Added: Circle API training is now available. Download Circle API Training. The use of the Circle API is restricted to customers who purchased the Circle API license or the uProduce API license.
  5. Fixed: In the email editor, the Email Footer ADOR now inserts the footer as  defined in the uProduce Account settings. (136473)
  6. Know issue: For PE 9.0.4 or lower, export/delete recipient data fails when there is no SQL native client installed for PE.
    Workaround: If there is no SQL native client installed, one must be installed manually. Please contact XMPie support. (136497)
  7. Known issue: When the site is configured as HTTPS, and the friendly URL includes the string “http” in the body of the URL, the system adds an extra “s” after “http”. This causes the link to break. If possible, avoid using this string. (136644)
  8. Know issue: In Internet Explorer, sometimes saving a custom website touchpoint fails.
    Workaround: Use Firefox or Chrome to save the touchpoint. (136621)
  9. Know issue: On delete/export recipient data, if the database approaches/exceeds its limits (e.g., database size, memory), the operation times-out and fails.
    Workaround: Free up database storage or increase the database resources. (136719)
  10. Reminder: Circle 1G will be discontinued as of May 31, 2018, as declared in version (May 28, 2017).  See 1G Discontinuation FAQ.
Version 4.4.0.(9737.9738)  released February 25, 2018
  1. Changed: Search capabilities were enhanced in Code view of the email editor. In Code view, pressing Ctrl+F opens the search area at the top of the view and provides a more reliable search than the browser search.
  2. Changed: Improved various aspects in the code of the email editor building blocks.
  3. Fixed: In the email editor, copy and paste using the keyboard (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V) now works.


Version (January 21, 2018)

  1. Fixed: Upload of .indd, .dpkg and .psd files from the Library>Documents page is now available. (136242)
  2. Fixed: In the Email Editor, an image src tag which starts with “http” and then includes an ADOR, is no longer corrupted after saving the document. (136247)
  3. Known issue: A template created by duplicating a project does not function in uStore. (136261)


Version (January 14, 2018)

  1. Added: Duplicate Project capability. Duplicate project allows you to copy the production elements (i.e., uProduce campaign) in addition to the Circle diagram. You can copy to a different uProduce account making it easy to reuse a successful projects for a different customer. Note that report tracking data, the website and its friendly URLs are not duplicated, and sensitive information such as the master list data sources and project-level users are copied on request.
    To duplicate the current project, select File>Save As. Alternatively, in the File>Open page, select the Duplicate option in the row menu.
    This capability is available with PersonalEffect version 9.0.2 or above in all Circle editions. Read the help in English      Deutsch      Français    |   Watch the video
  2. Changed: The online email editor was changed. The new Email Editor includes a responsive base layout and responsive building blocks making it easy to create responsive emails. The Preview feature offers a convenient mobile simulation in addition to the desktop view and limits the preview to the sample recipients. Using the editor, ADOR types such as Table, Style, and Visibility can easily be inserted in the Code view and image sizing and resizing can be done via the interface. The editor also keeps the code HTML5-compliant. The editor is supported in Chrome and Firefox only. Read the help in English     Deutsch      Français     |   Watch the video
  3. Limitation: The email editor is not supported in Internet Explorer.
  4. Fixed: When using an XES 3.3 delivery provider and sending a test email to multiple email addresses, the email is sent to all the email addresses. (135045)
  5. Fixed: When sending a Test email, the “All” option no longer exists. This prevents the error of sending test emails for the entire recipient list. (135843)
  6. Fixed: In the Email Editor, when defining an and including ADORs, the editor no longer deletes the ADORs from the code. (136246)
  7. Known issue: In the Email Editor, in Firefox, after drag and drop of an ADOR or a building block, the cursor disappears.
    Workaround: Insert an ADOR or a building block by first clicking in the document and then clicking on the ADOR/building block. (135978)
  8. Known issue: In the Email Editor, the link ADOR text is blue and underlined regardless of what you define via the Design view. The blue color and underline is visible in the Preview and when the email is sent. (136201)
  9. Known issue: In the Email Editor, on dragging an ADOR from the left pane and dropping it into the document, if there is any item selected in the document, the ADOR replaces the selected item instead of being added to the drop location.
    Workaround: Make sure nothing is selected in the document before dragging an ADOR from the left pane. Alternatively, position the cursor in the document in the desired drop location and then click the ADOR in the left pane. (135608)
  10. Known issue: In the Email Editor, a color that is specified in hex is converted to RGB in the code. (135928)
  11. Known issue: In the Email Editor, sometimes the keyboard shortcuts do not work (e.g., Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C).
    Workaround: Right-click and use the popup menu. (136071)
  12. Known issue: In the Email Editor, the browser Search feature does not function as expected. In some cases, the Search searches only in the currently-visible part of the document. In this case, scroll to a different part of the document and perform the search again. (135659)
  13. Known issue: Unable to upload .indd, .dpkg and .psd files from the Library>Documents page.
    Workaround: Upload the .indd or .dpkg document from the Document section in the Print touchpoint. For a .psd file, first export it as a .dpkg and then upload the .dpkg in the Print touchpoint. (136242)
  14. Known issue: In the Email Editor, SVG tags are removed from the html code. (136256)


Version (October 22, 2017)

  1. Added: Circle includes support for uStore version 9.1 (to be released next month).
  2. Fixed: Audience ADORs are now resolved in the Sample Recipient Wizard and Recipient Details dialog (133886).
  3. Fixed: Node images are now shown in File>Share>Save as Image (133378).
  4. Fixed: Mockups are now shown in File>Share>Save as Image (132299).
  5. Fixed: Mockups are now displayed in the diagram in Mockup view (134611).


Version (August 27, 2017)

  1. Changed: Circle now supports the new XMPL Server version. See XMPL release notes.


Version (July 9, 2017)

  1. Added: Email verification can be requested and email/domain verification status can be checked in Circle email touchpoints using the XES delivery provider. To make sure that your Circle Account is synchronized with your uProduce, open the Library in any project in the Circle Account. This one-time action and the latest version of XES are prerequisites for enabling this feature.
  2. Known Issue: Email verification requires a one-time action to force Circle-uProduce synchronization.
    Workaround: Open the Library in any project in the Circle Account. This is only required once per Circle Account (135188).
  3. Known Issue: Library fails to open if a certain delivery provider (e.g., Exact Target) was the last delivery provider created in uProduce.
    Workaround: Add a fake SMTP delivery provider in uProduce (135221).
  4. Fixed: Sometimes, on attempting to create a new instance, the New Instance button did not function (135046).
  5. Fixed: A date value specified in the project parameter page can now be cleared using the “x” icon in the field (135159).
  6. Fixed: Parameterized scheduling is no longer restricted in Demo Business subscriptions (135078).


Version (May 28, 2017)

  1. Added: Project-Template is available with PersonalEffect version 9.0.2 or above and it requires Circle Business Edition.  A template is a model project which is intended for duplication e.g., for each branch.  Using templates, you can create an off-the-shelf project for the brand and each branch can purchase an instance of the template.  Each instance is a duplication of the template and is a fully-functional independent project that can be fine-tuned for the specific branch needs.  Note that the website and its friendly URLs are not duplicated, but are shared between the template and all its instances.  Watch the video  |  Read the help in English    Deutsch    Français
  2. Added:  Parameterized scheduling allows you to define flexible scheduling based on project parameters  (Deutsch    Français).   Now, touchpoints can be scheduled relative to a user defined date and time parameter, whereas in the past scheduling was in absolute time.  In the case of a template and its instances, each instance can be customized and scheduled to run at its own time. A prerequisite is PersonalEffect version 8.0 or above and Circle Business Edition.  Watch the video  |  Read the help in English   Deutsch    Français
  3. Added: Ability to view the next few scheduled runs is available from the Schedule area of Email and Print touchpoints.  This feature is very useful when scheduling includes recurrence or project parameters.
  4. Added:  Direct access to the relevant Marketing Console campaign is available by clicking the Marketing Console link in the Reports popup of a project.  The link appears when connected to PersonalEffect version 9.0.2 or above and running Marketing Console version 2.8.1 or above.  Access is via single sign-on, making it easy and efficient to access the associated Marketing Console campaign.
  5. Fixed:  Using the “Forgot my password” link to reset a password now functions (134982).
  6. Fixed:  When the project name included an apostrophe (e.g., Tom’s campaign), webpages were blank (134034).
  7. Fixed:  When the project name included an apostrophe (‘) adapting the data failed (132921).
  8. Fixed:  When the project name included an ampersand (&) creating an instance failed (134442).
  9. Improved:  On selecting the File menu, the default page is now the Open/Organize page.
  10. Known issue:  The Triggered time displayed in the Run Center is incorrect when the London time zone is selected (134967).
  11. Known issue:  When no sample recipient was selected in the template-instance scenario and the web URL is clicked in the Production page, an incorrect error “Unable to connect to Circle” is displayed.  The real issue is that no sample recipient was selected (134400).
  12. Known issue:  Sometimes, on attempting to create a new instance, the New Instance button does not function.
    Workaround:  Reopen the “Instances” tab from the “My Projects” tab and then create the instance (135046).
  13. Known issue:  After changing the default delivery provider in the uProduce account settings, existing projects do not default to the new delivery provider. They continue to default to the old delivery provider (135067).
  14. Known issue:  After adding a new email delivery provider in uProduce, the email delivery provider is not visible in the email delivery provider dropdown in the email touchpoint.
    Workaround:  Click the Library button in the Build tab of any project connected to that uProduce.  This resolves the issue for all projects connected to that uProduce (130416).
  15. Known Issue: When using an XES delivery provider and sending a test email to multiple email addresses, the email is sent only to the first address and is sent multiple times.
    Workaround:  Send the test email to one email address at a time. (135045).
  16. Limitation: Marketing Console mobile version ( does not show the instances of templates (135056).

Legacy Technology (1G)

  1. Discontinuation announcement: Circle 1G will be discontinued on May 31, 2018. Thereafter, the Circle 1G website and service will no longer be available.  All existing 1G automation will be stopped and the projects will not be accessible. Customers are advised to take action to migrate projects to Circle 2G.


Version (Apr 2, 2017)

  1. Added: Search capabilities in the File>Open page make it easy to find your project.
  2. Added: Delete data source is available from the Data Source page in the Library.
  3. Added: The Project parameter page in the Library allows you to view and customize project-specific parameters. You can see the date and time the project was set to Live. It is a central place for customizing parameters and setting values. Several parameters are relevant when they are used in parameterized scheduling (coming soon).
  4. Improved: The Project Time Zone value is setup once, in the project parameters page in the library, and is used in all touchpoint scheduling.
  5. Modified: Any project which included different time zones in its scheduling was adjusted and now works with a single time zone.
  6. Modified: The Master List page in the library was renamed. It was previously called Data Source.
  7. Improved: On sign in, your last-used project automatically opens. This provides direct access to your last project.
  8. Improved: Checking the Don’t ask me again checkbox in the ‘Save is required’ message suppresses the message and saves automatically.
  9. Fixed: Sometimes, the table area in Open/Organize or Sample Recipients scrolled very fast and it was difficult to select a row (134440).
  10. Fixed: A Power Builder (Builder with Power user rights) could not create a new project (133618).
  11. Limitation: If a XMPieRecipient key includes characters which have special meaning in a URL  (e.g., + & # / \ % ?) the personalized webpage fails to open (133043).
  12. Known Issue: When the project name includes an apostrophe (‘) adapting the data for web fails (132921).
  13. Known Issue: When the project name includes an ampersand (&) creating an instance fails (134442).

Legacy Technology (1G)

  1. Circle 1G is only available in IE on Windows. All other browsers are no longer supported since the browser support of Silverlight has stopped.


Version (Jan 22, 2017)

  1. Added: The agent now supports a fault-tolerant configuration in PersonalEffect Cross Media version 8.0 or above. An agent is installed on each uProduce server in the fault-tolerant configuration so that the load is distributed, and if one agent fails, the remaining agents are available instead of the failed agent.
  2. Improved: The Circle agent was enhanced to ensure agent configuration persistence even after uninstalling and reinstalling the agent. Each uProduce system now has a one-to-one connection with the Circle agent. This requires that a new agent be installed locally on the uProduce server.
  3. Improved: It is now possible to select up to 200 sample recipients.
  4. Fixed: When deleting a 2G website, the friendly URL is deleted and is available for use, however the website content remained but the preview did not work (132578).
  5. Fixed: Downloading CPKG from the Circle Library did not work on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers (133034).
  6. Known Issue: In the Circle Agent Setting window, if proxy settings are defined, then pressing Test & Save fails and the agent stops working.
    Workaround: For the workaround, please contact support (134302).
  7. Known Issue: If the project name includes a single quote or apostrophe (such as Tom’s campaign), the webpages are blank.
    Workaround: In the web configuration file, search for circleProjectName and change the single quotes to double quotes (“Tom’s campaign”) (134034).
  8. Known Issue: If the agent server was down during the agent upgrade, all projects continue to work, however the agent interface is corrupted.
    Workaround: Uninstall and then re-install the agent (134235).
  9. Known Issue: If more than one agent was connected to a single uProduce server, then after Circle deployment only one agent connection remains active. All projects continue to work without interruption, although the connection is through a different agent (they all refer to the same active agent in the uProduce System name field).
  10. Known Issue: After restarting the server, the agent icon does not appear in the task bar, even though the agent is running.
    Open the application (e.g., from the Start menu) and the agent icon appears in the task bar (134255).
  11. Known Issue: PDF on Demand generation fails when using a Recipient List which was mapped to the Plan schema. 
     Avoid using the mapping by renaming the columns in the Recipient List as per the schema in the Plan File (133933).
  12. Limitation: PersonalEffect Cross Media below version 7.0 is no longer supported in Circle.

     Legacy Technology (1G)

  1. Fixed: When viewing Notifications in the Silverlight client, Circle stopped responding (133696).
  2. Fixed: In the Silverlight client, sometimes the Last Run area was not displayed in the 1G Automation dialog (133695).


Version (Dec 4, 2016)

  1.  Added: Project Template capability for use with PersonalEffect version 9.0.1 or above  (to be release in 2017) and Circle Business Edition. See also What’s new.


Version (Sep 4, 2016)

  1. Added: Circle client technology was migrated to HTML and is now free of Silverlight.


Version 2.1 (Apr 3, 2016)

  1. Added: Multiple Data Sources are available in 2G projects.
  2. Added: Generate Proofset is now available from Circle.


Version 2.0.2 (Jan 24, 2016)

  1. Maintenance release.


Version 2.0.1 (Dec 28, 2015)

  1. Maintenance release.


Version 2.0 (Nov 29, 2015)

  1. Added: 2G is now available.


Version 2.17.4899 (Nov 22,2015)

  1. Modified: Touchpoints only get an ID after the diagram is saved.
  2. Modified: Before binding, you need to click Connect, and select between 2G and 1G.
  3. Modified: The Run Center is now accessible via a button in the toolbar.


Version 1.17.2932 (Apr 16, 2015)

  1. Modified: Chrome is no longer supported (Chrome removed support for Silverlight and Java).


Version 1.17.2932 (Nov 23, 2014)

  1. Improved: Search engine optimization (SEO).
  2. Modified: Moved the version info from the title to the Login dialog.
  3. Improved: Reduced the load time of the automation notification form.
  4. Fixed: Agent installer does not show its version number (21214).
  5. Fixed: Agent does not warn if the installed uProduce version is too old to be supported (27232).
  6. Fixed: Agent does not work in some proxy environments (28170).
  7. Fixed: Recent Chrome update caused the Track Page drop-down list to clip some of the values (28269).
  8. Fixed: Old demo accounts showed incorrect subscription expiry date (28337).
  9. Modified: Cloud tracking method for future compatibility.


Version 1.17.2915 (Oct 26, 2014)

  1. Fixed: When subscribing with email domain which is new to Circle, a user is not created and no notification appears (28245).
  2. Fixed: Running Process Now for a Touchpoint before saving the Project causes the process to fail (28074).
  3. Fixed: Attempting to remove a user from the Project fails (28132).
  4. Fixed: Deleting a user in the Back Office leaves an empty row in the Roles screen (21896).
  5. Fixed: Touchpoint comments show the modification time in an incorrect time zone (27816).
  6. Fixed: Sometimes in defining a Web Event Filter, the Page drop-down list does not open (28079).
  7. Fixed: In Automation, the Mac Safari shows “unknown” instead of the Webpage list (28137).


Version 1.17.2895 (Sep 15, 2014)

  1. Added: Business Edition.
  2. Modified: The system no longer charges for Active Projects
  3. Modified: Team Edition supports scheduled Touchpoints
  4. Modified: Team Edition is limited to 15 collaborators
  5. Modified: Price per user has been changed
  6. Modified: Circle Help has been updated to reflect changes in the pricing model


Version 1.16.2809 (Aug 17, 2014)

  1. Fixed: Automation Plan Filter dropdown doesn’t show the Plan Filters (27776).


Version 1.16.2807 (Jul 20, 2014)

  1. Fixed: An “unsupported browser” message appears on IE10 (27573).
  2. Fixed: Projects cannot be archived (27564).


Version 1.16.2805 (Jul 13,2014)

  1. Improved: The Open/Organize menu opens faster.
  2. Improved: The Run Center frame looks better on its background.
  3. Improved: Notification shows a busy indicator.
  4. Improved: Notification email layout and colors.
  5. Fixed: Various issues when running Circle on Mac (27325, 27332).
  6. Fixed: It is not possible to add new custom reports (27377).
  7. Fixed: The Run Center doesn’t show the default time zone for new Accounts (27420).


Version 1.16.2795 (Jun 29, 2014)

  1. Fixed: Calendar event filter does not allow to input double digit number of days (26764).
  2. Fixed: Before Silverlight is installed, an unrelated message appears (27066).
  3. Fixed: Event Filter labels are not shown if the Project is locked by a user (26749).


Version 1.15.2706 (Mar 23,2014)

  1. Fixed: Automation filter does not open for Builders with Project level permissions only (26488).
  2. Fixed: Project does not go Live for Builders with Project Level permissions only (26590).
  3. Fixed: Mockup files are not copied in an imported Project if the Mockup file names contain spaces (26577).


Version 1.15.2694 (Feb 26, 2014)

  1. Added: The user may open multiple browser tabs with the Circle application.
  2. Fixed: Clicking a link to a diagram while the Circle application is already open does not take the user to a Circle page in Chrome (26524)
  3. Fixed: The option to unlock a project appears in the Archive list (24278).
  4. Fixed: In IE11 a user cannot access the Automation Event Filter (26359)
  5. Limitation: Automation does not work on Mac Safari 7 (works on earlier Safari browsers).


Version 1.15.2679 (Jan 19, 2014)

  1. Limitation: Automation does not work on Mac Safari 7 (works on earlier Safari browsers).
  2. Fixed: After completing a PayPal payment, sometimes the Team Account is not automatically created (24913).
  3. Fixed: The Unbind button does not remove the binding indication (26661).
  4. Fixed: An error occurs when attempting to save a Project as a Flow Pattern with Automation (25961).
  5. Fixed: Regression – sample Campaigns do not allow to see the report (26061).
  6. Improved: Automation goes live quicker (26011).
  7. Improved: Page Names and Action Names can be selected from a drop-down list.
  8. Improved: In case a customer runs out of credit, the system sends a notification and gives a short grace period before freezing the account.


Version 1.14.2626 (Dec 1, 2013)

  1. Fixed: Dragging the Recipient Node generates an error (25977).
  2. Fixed: Making the initial connection to a uProduce System with a large number of elements takes a long time (25968).
  3. Fixed: The Send Now panel does not look well visually in some versions of IE (25215).
  4. Fixed: After setting up Sample Recipients, the Sample Recipients drop-down list does not get a default selection (25236).
  5. Fixed: After unbinding, the Live Preview still appears in the Integration tab (25754).
  6. Fixed: Flow Patterns appeared in the Sample List (25964).
  7. Fixed: A Sample Recipient name disregards a user-defined name format (25988).


Version 1.14.2618 (Nov 24,2013)

  1. Fixed: In the Review tab, the Text Node text is centered, where it should be aligned to the right as in the Plan and Build tabs (25959)
  2. Fixed: The “uVideo” Enhancer should be renamed to “Video” (25570).
  3. Fixed: When trying to open a Project, sometimes a “change in your access right” message appears (25982).
  4. Fixed: Frequently, the system hangs in the Sample Recipient Selection wizard  (25963).
  5. Fixed: The Automation icon does not appear in Sample Projects (25978).
  6. Fixed: The Sample Recipient drop-down list does not appear in Sample Projects (25976).
  7. Fixed: A Node title is clipped in the Review tab (25960).
  8. Fixed: The Send a Copy option no longer works (25975).
  9. Fixed: Live Preview for some Campaigns stopped working (25955).
  10. Bug: Dragging the Recipient Node generates an error (25977).
  11. Bug: Making the initial connection to a uProduce System with a large number of elements takes a long time (25968).
Version 1.14.2601 (Nov 17, 2013)
  1. Added: Email and Print scheduling, including recurrence.
  2. Added: Profile and Event filters.
  3. Added: Manual production (sending an email) triggering from Circle.
  4. Modified: Sample recipients are now sorted alphabetically.
  5. Fixed: On Mac, uploading mockups sometimes fails and causes the Node to disappear after reopening the Project(24550).
  6. Fixed: When going to the File menu, it is sometimes closed and has to be reopened.
  7. Fixed: The system sometimes gets stuck on sign-out(24788).
  8. Fixed: Sometimes the Roles table does not show up (24797).
  9. Fixed: For users who are connected to multiple Accounts, the Invite to Project link does not open the correct Project(24894).


Version 1.13.2207 (Sep 29, 2013)

  1. Added: Extended Branding support. Customer can replace all XMPie and Circle logos and documentation throughout the application
  2. Added: Support for Email Preview in PersonalEffect 6.6 and above.
  3. Fixed: If user saves the project, after mockup upload failure has occurred, the failed nodes disappear when opening the project again.

Version 1.12.2187 (Jul 7, 2013)

  1. Added: Created an online store that accepts credit cards, PayPal, and coupons.
  2. Added: Owner role. The user with the Owner permissions can buy credits and renew the subscription.
  3. Added: Billing mechanism for consuming credits for Active Projects and Principal Users.
  4. Added: The Subscription page that displays subscription information.
  5. Added: Various finance reports.
  6. Added: One-click free editions, and an automatic expiration mechanism.

Version 1.10.2081 (Apr 14,2013)

  1. Fixed: In the Archive tab, clicking any button next to the Project name, except for the Un-archive button, causes an error (24277).
  2. Fixed: Clicking Sign-off causes an error (24171).
  3. Fixed: After signing-out and then signing-in with a different user, it is impossible to delete, rename or archive Projects (24432).
  4. Fixed: Opening a different Project does not unlock the closed Project, so that others can edit it (24434).
  5. Fixed: The out-of-the-box Flow Patterns do not appear under the Flow Pattern toolbox tab (24435).
  6. Fixed: A link to a Sample Project does not open the Project (24439).
  7. Limitation: Clicking a a link to a Project, while being already signed-in, causes the browser to crash. A fix should be available soon (24470).
  8. Limitation: Mockup upload does not work on Mac Mountain Lion and crashes the browser. A fix should be available soon (24419).

Version 1.10.2079 (Apr 7, 2013)

  1. Added: Power User role. This role can create new Projects and invite other users to collaborate on a Project.
  2. Added: Archiving/Un-archiving of Projects to help customers reduce costs and tidy up their My Project list.
  3. Added: Local Emails can now be viewed in browser.
  4. Added: Support of Grab and Drag/Multi Selection modes.
  5. Added: Country and States now appear in the report.
  6. Added: Contact Me from the PODi samples. Customers can now request to get more information from PODi directly from the sample.
  7. Added: The system automatically detects and reports clock diverts on the Agent machine.
  8. Fixed: On Mac some text overlaps the images (24296).
  9. Fixed: Sometimes the Plan toolbox appears in the Review tab (22951).
  10. Fixed: The profile image is missing in the Comment notification email (24185).
  11. Fixed: Upon completion of the Agent Installation, an error appears on the Sys Tray for a short duration, misleading the user to think that the installation failed (24244).
  12. Fixed: In Chrome, if the Node title link spreads into two lines, the top line is not clickable (24253).
  13. Limitation: Mockup upload does not work on Mac Mountain Lion and crashes the browser (24419).

Version 1.09.2014 (Feb 17, 2013)

  1. Added: Account administrators can send a copy of a Project to another Account. The target Account administrator can accept and import the copy to his Account.
  2. Improved: The experience of publishing a Copy or a Project as a Sample has been improved.
  3. Improved: There is a new Share screen.
  4. Improved: Projects open quicker than before when opening from a notification email link.
  5. Fixed: In the Custom Integrate window, clicking the link that passes the {{PostUserData}} parameters opens the page only for the first time (23155).
  6. Fixed: Changing the default 50 recipients range causes an error (24077).
  7. Fixed: Ctrl-Z is not working for Nodes marked as selected (20708).
  8. Fixed: The Node ID enumeration sometimes starts from values other than 1 (21387).
  9. Fixed: If saving while an upload operation is underway, the save is not done automatically, as it is supposed to be (23903).
  10. Fixed: When selecting File>New, the Review tab was sometimes displayed instead of the Plan tab (20876).

Version 1.08.1966 (Jan 27, 2013)

  1. Improved: Customer Accounts can now be created in large scale without human interventions.  In previous versions, for every hundred Accounts created, XMPie had to do a manual operation.
  2. Added: A Guest link.  It is now possible to create a link, using a utility, that opens a Project without requiring a sign-in.
  3. Fixed: After making changes in uProduce, refreshing, saving, and reopening, the changes are lost (24007).
  4. Fixed: Modifying the Agent PersonalEffect System name does not modify the name in the Circle PE System drop-down list (24004).
  5. Fixed: An Administrator cannot remove another user with the same name as the Administrator (24040).
  6. Fixed: Multiple selections and clicking the CTRL cause a critical error (24041).
  7. Fixed: Selecting the owner in the Back Office does not save the owner (23995).
  8. Fixed: Sending invitation via the Back Office deletes the owner role (23994).
  9. Fixed: Sometimes clicking Sign-out causes an error (23950).
  10. Fixed: After failure to connect to PersonalEffect, clicking OK causes an exception (24035).
  11. Fixed: Agent installer does not identify when it is being installed on a non-supported operating system (24075).

Version 1.07.1925 (Jan 13, 2013)

  1. Added:  A Sign-Up website. This website allows new customers to sign up and start working immediately, without XMPie human intervention.
  2. Improved: Agent connectivity is now created automatically, without XMPie back office intervention.
  3. Improved: The Circle Agent has been completely redesigned.
  4. Improved: The Agent provides much more flexible automatic upgrading.
  5. Improved: Changed the Agent queue service provider.
  6. Improved: The user no longer needs to fill in the License Key.
  7. Added: The Agent can now work behind a proxy.
  8. Added: The Agent has a user interface that allows modifying the settings easily, and replaces the uProduce System dialog.
  9. Added: A way to restart the Agent service from the user interface.
  10. Added: An Agent can be de-activated in the Circle back office.
  11. Added: In the Roles dialog, a user can be removed from a project.
  12. Added: In the Custom Integration bubble, a binding can be removed.
  13. Improved: The system verifies that the Agent is used on a single computer.
  14. Added: A Samples tab in the Open dialog to allow an easy access to Sample Projects.
  15. Added: Toolbox animation.
  16. Improved: The Close button has been added to the bubble dialogs.
  17. Added: Tracking of the user browser type.
  18. Added: Split the tracking database from the application database.
  19. Added: Replaced the database with a scalable database.
  20. Added: Reporting Services for XMPie authorized personal use.
  21. Fixed: Node IDs are not unique (23117).
  22. Fixed: Cannot change the email address in My Profile (23307).
  23. Fixed: Invited users who click the link in the invitation email before registering will not be able to log in (23616).
  24. Fixed: The Go to Node title text is not saved (21919).
  25. Fixed: Deleting a bound Node leaves the corresponding uProduce element bound (21999).
  26. Fixed: Planners and Builders cannot see the Samples (22589).
  27. Fixed: When working in the Build tab, the system sometimes gets stuck (22605).
  28. Fixed: When pressing Sign Out, the Silverlight loads again (22946).
  29. Fixed: It is impossible to align the Sticky Note with other Nodes (22982).
  30. Fixed: Lack of session expiry mechanism causes a security issue (23722).
  31. Fixed: The Mockup upload stopped working (23869).


Version 1.05 (Aug 19, 2012)

  1. Fixed: After a PE Campaign is removed, the Nodes remain bound, with inability for the user to unbind (23118).
  2. Fixed: Flow Pattern nodes get non-unique Node IDs (23117).
  3. Fixed: Clicking an email preview link, opens the Node rename textbox, instead of the preview dialog (23116).
  4. Fixed: Custom preview data posts, transfer the data without escaping the XML (23126).

Version 1.04 (Aug 5, 2012)

  1. Fixed: When signing out, the application reloads causing delay and bad overall user experience (22990).
  2. Fixed: In the Roles dialog, a long list extends below the visible area of the window (22991).

Version 1.03 (Jul 29, 2012)

  1. Added: The “Piece of Cake” sample Project that demonstrates many of the Cross-Media and Circle features (available in all editions).
  2. Added: Images in the Mockup dialog can be named.
  3. Added: Images in the Mockup dialog can be selected for in-Node Mockup view.
  4. Added: Option to include Projects or User information as parameters in the custom Preview URL.
  5. Added: Option to collapse the application banner to increase the work space.
  6. Added: For security reasons, after the application is idle for two hours, the application is signs out automatically.
  7. Fixed: After saving a Sample Project using the “Save As” option, the Mockups are no longer displayed (22536).
  8.  Fixed: Deleting a user in the Back Office, prevents users from logging-in (22649).
  9.  Fixed: The “Save As” operation does not save the branding image(22882).
  10.  Fixed: After editing the “Go To” node title, saving, and reopening it, the title reverts back to “A” (21919).
  11.  Fixed: Flow Patterns are missing a scroll bar (22038).
  12.  Fixed: Images are missing in the email notifications triggered by comment discussion thread replies (22182).
  13.  Fixed: Pop-ups appear incorrectly when window size is small (22304).
  14.  Fixed: Switching to another window before posting a comment clears the Comment textbox (22469).
  15.  Fixed: Projects in the Open window are not sorted by the “Last Modified” column by default. (22609).
  16.  Fixed: Clicking on the video links in the online help shows an error (22821).
  17.  Fixed: Custom images are missing the Comment notification emails.

 Version 1.02 (Jul 15, 2012)

  1.  Added: Touchpoint preview support for sample projects.
  2.  Fixed: Invitation email contains links to instead of


Version 1.01 (Jul 8, 2012)

  1.  Fixed: Opting-out from receiving Comment notifications prevents user from receiving any kind of email (22647)
  2.  Fixed: Email addresses with email domains containing ‘_’ or ‘-‘ are rejected by the system (22723).

Version 1.00 (Jun 17, 2012)

  1.  Added: Editions support. Now, the Team and Business Edition features are blocked in the Personal Edition.
  2.  Added: Access permissions to PODi samples for all Circle users.
  3.  Added: “Request to publish a project” feature. Published projects are viewable by all Circle users.
  4.  Added: “Forgot my password” feature.
  5.  Improved: Client memory consumption.
  6.  Improved: Image upload and download performance.
  7.  Improved: Project opening performance.
  8.  Improved: “Open”, “Organize”, and “Save As” pages. Unified “Open” and “Organize” menu items.
  9.  Improved: Verified that Circle supports these browsers: Chrome (Windows), IE (Windows), Firefox, Safari.
  10.  Improved: Security.
  11.  Added: “Down for maintenance” webpage.
  12.  Added: A sign-in “Busy” indicator.
  13.  Added: Features to freeze and terminate Accounts.
  14.  Added: Various back office features.
  15.  Improved: The “Start” node icon.
  16.  Improved: The “Project” node shape.
  17.  Improved: Various UI changes.
  18.  Fixed: When opening a Project, non-Latin node title appears incorrectly (22359).
  19.  Fixed: When opening a Project, long node description is trimmed (22241).
  20.  Fixed: When the node title contains a line break, the Comment email fails (22397).
  21.  Fixed: When opening a Project, the “Go To” node title reverts back to “A” (21919).
  22.  Fixed: The recipient selected in the “Recipient Details” list, does not become active (22044).
  23.  Fixed: The text node does not allow multiple rows (22141).
  24.  Fixed: Email domain starting with digits fails verification (22407).
  25.  Fixed: Clicking the invitation link to yields a browser security warning (22452).

 Version 0.xx          Pre-release versions

  1.  Added: Diagram sketching.
  2.  Added: Mockup/image support.
  3.  Added: Artwork view. This view shows the Mockup images as the node background.
  4.  Added: Integration with uProduce and Marketing Console.
  5.  Added: Support for multiple uProduce and multiple sites, within a single Project.
  6.  Added: Preview of websites, emails, and print pieces (proof).
  7.  Added: Selection of sample recipients.
  8.  Added: Reporting.
  9.  Added: Discussion thread collaboration.
  10.  Added: Sharing via image and link.
  11.  Added: User invitation and self-registration.
  12.  Added: Role based security.  Assign Roles to uers.  A user Role defines the user’s set of permissions.
  13.  Added: PODi samples.
  14.  Added: Branding – in banner and using image nodes.
  15.  Added: Custom node icons, custom website previews, and custom reports.
  16.  Added: User flow patterns and public flow patterns.
  17.  Added: Online-help and video tutorials.
  18.  Added: Multi-tenant security.
  19.  Added: “My profile”.
  20.  Added: “Feedback” link.CTA