Cross Media Communications

Personalized communication across multiple channels can significantly increase the return on marketing investments

Cross-media marketing is when targeted, relevant communications are delivered across multiple media channels. The ultimate in 1:1 cross-media marketing is when each organization within your business has two-way personalized dialogues with each and every customer through the medium of their choice.

As you learn more about your customers and reflect that information throughout your communications to them across a variety of media, you can transform that relationship into a much more loyal and strategic one.  XMPie offers powerful cross-media marketing solutions spanning print, web, email and mobile communications and serves a wide variety of customer requirements.

For companies just starting out with cross-media, XMPie offers PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud – a hosted solution for service providers, creative agencies or any company that produces a limited volume of one-to-one multichannel communications.

For highly customizable, robust systems, XMPie Enterprise Cross Media is a scalable enterprise-class software solution that serves as a base platform primarily focusing on cross media communications.  XMPie TransMedia and TransMedia Pro offer the next level up in cross media capabilities and are both on-premises, server-based, turn-key software solutions.

For planning and visualizing campaigns, Circle is a unique XMPie cloud-based solution for campaign management and automation.