XMPie e-Mail Service (XES)

A commercial-grade solution for personalized email delivery and tracking

XMPie e-Mail Service (XES) is a robust solution for email delivery and tracking. It is available for any XMPie customer with PersonalEffect e-Media, PersonalEffect TransMedia, or Enterprise Cross Media – and comes complete with XMPie’s PersonalEffect Analytics tracking and reporting capabilities.

Fully Integrated Email Service with ExactTarget

XMPie e-Mail Service seamlessly integrates with ExactTarget® as the back-end technology for this offering. ExactTarget is a leading global provider of email solutions and powers permission-based email delivery and reporting.  XMPie e-Mail Service ensures email messages are properly managed and delivered by handling unsubscribe and opt-out requests in addition to CAN-SPAM Act compliance, and by expertly avoiding spam filters, black lists and other delivery barriers.

One to One in One

Through this service, XMPie customers are able to deliver personalized email messages, fully integrated with all of the other elements in the campaign through XMPie. Because XMPie is a single solution for a variety of media, the same data, business rules and logic used to automate the print, Web and SMS messages are used to deliver personalized email messages to those same recipients.

Tracking and Reporting

XES reports—such as open rates, bounce backs and others—are all integrated into PersonalEffect Analytics, which displays a comprehensive view of the various media in your cross-media offerings.

Subscription Plans

Several subscription plans exist, depending upon your usage volume: Basic, Starter, Professional, Premier, Platinum or Diamond. Choose the plan most suitable for your email volumes and optionally purchase additional credits online as you need them.