Mapping Services

Integrate high-resolution personalized maps into vdp and cross-media applications

Now there’s another way to get customers’ attention using intelligent personalization – dynamic mapping. XMPie Mapping Service offers XMPie customers an affordable and streamlined way to integrate high-quality personalized maps into their variable data print and cross-media applications.

The XMPie Mapping Service is a subscription-based service and is offered in cooperation with locr GmbH, a leading supplier of geodata and personalized street and city maps. Customers can batch-generate maps by providing recipient address data and destination data. As a subscription-based service, customers purchase volume pack credits (“clicks”) from XMPie. Each time a customer generates a map, a map credit will be consumed. Once all the credits are used, customers can purchase refill credits from XMPie to continue with the service.

Stand out from conventional campaigns, and lead your customers directly to the point of sale by delivering attractive, value-added content via personalized maps.

XMPie Mapping Service Features

  • Detailed map data for more than 100 countries worldwide.
  • Maps are based on NAVTEQ data and are always up-to-date.
  • Different styles and color schemes available.
  • Maps can be optimized for both online media usage and high resolution print quality (JPEG).
  • Maps can include various route options connecting a starting point and destination.
  • Routing is optimized for cars and pedestrians.
  • Maps can include graphic elements, such as predefined icons for the target location or nearby places of interest.
  • Only anonymous address data required.
  • Geo data and information about distance and driving time available.
  • Fast and easy project handling assured.


Requires uDirect® or PersonalEffect® configuration

Enabling the XMPie Mapping Service requires first receiving credentials from the XMPie XMap administrator, to be used for accessing the service:

To find out more, please send an email to: