XMPie PersonalEffect Turn-Key Systems

Out-of-the-box solutions for 1:1 customer communications

XMPie offers a broad range of software solutions that contribute to the full scope of Individualized Communications Management (ICM).

PersonalEffect, server-based systems are built for:

  • Higher volume VDP
  • Integrated cross media communications that can span print, email and Web
  • Web-to-print, ecommerce enabled storefronts

PersonalEffect systems are available in two main distinctive software categories:

  • Turn-Key Systems – pre-configured server-based solutions
  • Platform Systems – high-end, enterprise-class solutions,   typically configured for stringent, fail-safe requirements

Turn-Key Configurations

  • PersonalEffect Print and Print Pro offer the ability to process large volumes of dynamic print documents while allowing customers to connect to multiple data sources, and create programmatically sophisticated campaign logic.
  • PersonalEffect TransMedia and TransMedia Pro provide complete solutions for creating, managing and monitoring 1:1 campaigns across print, email and web.
  • PersonalEffect StoreFlow and StoreFlow Pro enable the creation of ecommerce Web-to-print storefronts where print buyers can browse a catalog of products, upload documents, customize products, and submit orders any time of day.