An Easy Entry into Offering Web-to-Print Services

PersonalEffect StoreFlow Cloud, the latest innovation in Web-to-print technology from XMPie, gives your company a clear path to easily implement online eCommerce portals allowing you to grow your business and more easily service customers.

Cloud Web-to-Print Solution

XMPie realizes Web-to-print is an important part of your business. With PersonalEffect StoreFlow Cloud, you’ll benefit from the XMPie cloud architecture, which ensures unparalleled uptime, reliability and security.

Affordable Monthly Service

Why buy aging technology or tie up capital in software when you can just pay for the services you need? PersonalEffect StoreFlow Cloud eliminates the need to buy expensive hardware and offers affordable subscription plans.

Static and Dynamic Print

Static print is a basic need but be sure to take full advantage of your digital equipment. PersonalEffect StoreFlow Cloud makes it easy to produce high-value, customizable and data-driven print.

Built-in Prepress Automation

Implementing touchless workflows will increase profitability and lower operational costs. PersonalEffect StoreFlow Cloud enables a lights-out operation to deliver imposed PDFs, ready to print, directly to your operators.

Integrated Payment and Shipping

Process payments, issue invoices and manage shipments from a single convenient dashboard. PersonalEffect StoreFlow Cloud is a complete e-commerce platform for procuring print and processing orders.

Creative InDesign Workflow

Leverage your staff’s existing skills to get up and running more quickly. PersonalEffect StoreFlow Cloud lets your creative team work within InDesign to create product templates.

PersonalEffect StoreFlow Cloud is available in two editions: Team and Business.

If you need just one storefront, start with the Team edition.

With Business, four stores are included and you can add as many as you need for a modest additional monthly cost.




Note:  Prices may vary in different geographic locations.  Currently not available in Latin America.
If outside of the U.S. contact us for pricing for your specific location.

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