PersonalEffect StoreFlow

An all-inclusive Web-to-Print solution for creating, managing and streamlining online store and marketing portals

StoreFlow is a Web-to-print solution that combines prepress automation and includes everything required to cost-effectively scale your business through the Web.

A high-value, all-in-one solution supporting both variable documents and static user-submitted documents, StoreFlow leverages XMPie’s proven XLIM document format and composition engine with an easy-to use creative workflow using Adobe® InDesign® and XMPie uCreate™.

With StoreFlow Pro, the Adobe InDesign Server is added to the configuration to provide the greatest creative flexibility in the industry by enabling pixel perfect design and supporting an end-to-end InDesign workflow. Furthermore, StoreFlow Pro also provides greater processing power to handle highly active storefronts as well as operations with larger production volumes.

StoreFlow is designed as the first step in a long-term scalable solution where customers can be assured of a clear and seamless upgrade path to scale their operation as their business needs grow and mature.

StoreFlow offers:

  • Versatile and Powerful Document Handling: Store visitors can upload their own documents (in PDF, Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint formats) and create jobs from a mix of uploaded documents, store-catalog items and personalized documents. StoreFlow supports robust document handling capabilities such as the ability to add/remove pages or chapters from a booklet, personalize covers or separators or to create different versions of a booklet that can vary in page content and count.

  • Lights-Out Pre-Press Automation: StoreFlow includes Xerox FreeFlow Core, which means that store administrators can define multi-step workflows that automate preflight, imposition, route output files to digital presses or hot folders, etc. – everything that is needed to efficiently prepare jobs for production.

  • JDF Compliant and Job Ticketing: Every print job created in StoreFlow is accompanied with an automatically generated JDF job ticket, which makes processing jobs through JDF-compliant devices a straightforward task. With these JDF capabilities, customers can gain the benefits of greater automation, speed, cost efficiency and ease-of-use. StoreFlow’s JDF scheme has been validated for Xerox FreeFlow. Therefore, customers who already work with FreeFlow Process Manager can now seamlessly integrate with StoreFlow.

  • Efficient End-to-End Workflow: StoreFlow is built as an integral part of the XMPie product suite which allows users to create variable data documents with native integration to the industry’s leading document technologies from Adobe. All of the XMPie workflow advantages are maintained so store visitors can easily customize a document, view an online PDF proof, submit the order for production, or download the high-resolution PDF as the final output.

  • State-of-the-art, Intuitive User Experience: StoreFlow is built to support all the latest browsers and platforms, keeping you up-to-date with current Web usability standards. An easy-to-use, intuitive GUI will give your customers the benefit of a simple and consistent e-commerce experience across all their devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  To give store administrators the ultimate flexibility to control the look and feel of each storefront – critical to maintaining your customer’s branded identity – StoreFlow leverages industry standard CSS to define all the graphic elements of a store. Additionally, state-of-the-art tools, including social media sign-on and embedded YouTube videos, will further enhance the appeal of the stores you operate.