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Data Driven Print and VDP

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Plan, visualize and automate multichannel campaigns


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Our technology integrates print & digital media to improve the brand experience

Put the customer at the center of each communication.
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seewhat our customers say about us

XMPie technology is used widely by a variety of enterprises and industries across the globe to transform customer communications.
Ditto Documents (USA)
“In the last 3 years we've grown at more than 25% rate and we actually believe that it is due to the fact that we bought the full suite of XMPie products 3 years ago and it's transformed our business from a digital printing company to a technology business.”
Kenneth Shriber, Ditto Documents (USA)
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"It's been phenomenal, because no matter how complex the customer thinks they're making it, XMPie allows you to do so much… [Our Customers] don't realize how easy XMPie is making it on our end to make our customers happy."
Mari McGrath, Digitalx-Press
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Orange Door Direct
"We've done email campaigns using XMPie personalization that have achieved 47 per cent response rate. The clients had to shut down the campaign because it was too successful!“
Kathy Levinksi, Director of Orange Door (Canada)
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