A Farewell Letter from Jacob AizikowitzRESOURCES

A Farewell Letter from Jacob Aizikowitz


Dear Customers of XMPie,


I am writing to share with you that I am retiring, and my last formal working day with XMPie will be May 31, 2019. Eran Baron, currently SVP Finance and Operations, who has worked with me since 2003, will succeed me. We have been working together for the transition since early April.


As you can imagine, this is not an easy announcement to make as I am retiring from the company I founded. However, I am immensely proud that, together with the XMPie team, we have succeeded in growing XMPie from a tiny start-up to a well-recognized leader in software for personalized communications and related workflows. XMPie could not have flourished had it not been for your trust, your vision, and your readiness to ride with us down the risky, frontier-style, technology-innovation road.


For some of you, we became the technology partner that gave you the confidence to transform your business. You became providers of digital-savvy services, and, as a result, you were able to retain and expand your businesses by successfully embracing the digital world we all live in.


Being acquired by Xerox was a key milestone for XMPie. It made it possible for us to pursue our broader vision, making it come true and opening new horizons for growth and innovation. As XMPie, A Xerox Company, we invented new technologies, advanced our platform, and served thousands of customers across the globe. Notably, Xerox strategy allowed – and allows – XMPie to serve our customers and engage new prospects, regardless of their print-engine affiliation. And this “small” point helps XMPie to stay relevant to all of you and the industry at large.


Know that Eran and the team will be keeping you as their top priority. XMPie’s relationships with its customers are critical and unique. We sometimes point the way, and we often learn from your feedback, adjusting paths we already charted or opening new paths we never noticed before.


I am deeply indebted to you, and so is the XMPie team. I hope to see you and XMPie continue to co-drive this industry and its customers into regions of new business and breakthrough innovations.


I am very proud of the team here at XMPie who have made sure that our innovative technology platform has always aligned with the needs of our customers and ensured its continuing relevance and impact in the market. It was there from our early days, and it will continue under Eran’s leadership and the guidance of Xerox. I will be watching the next steps of XMPie’s journey with pride.


Jacob Aizikowitz, Ph.D.

President, XMPie, A Xerox Company