A Peek at Marketing Innovations Shaping the Retail SpaceRESOURCES

A Peek at Marketing Innovations Shaping the Retail Space


Digital technologies and personalization techniques have revolutionized retail marketing as we know it. It’s why we chose to highlight retail marketing innovations in our recent webinar featuring Antonio Williams, VP & Director, Novel Printing Technologies at PARC and Elisabeth Rochman, Director of Innovation, Strategy, and Communication at Xerox.

Xerox, PARC, and XMPie are all playing an integral part in the development of the next generation of solutions and products to drive the future of the retail marketing space. Among the key innovations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in particular, Natural Language Processing (NPL), conversational agents (chatbots) and computer vision have garnered the most excitement.

Innovation at XMPie

Innovation has been at the heart of XMPie ever since the company was founded, and it continues to drive everything that we do. Since XMPie is an open software platform, it can be integrated with other software and used in a variety of ways. Our customers continually amaze us with how they are using XMPie and how the platform can become a part of something bigger.

Be sure to watch the webinar replay to get the full rundown of all the latest projects in development from XMPie, Xerox and PARC in the retail and packaging spaces – but in the meantime, here are a couple of highlights:

  • XMPie Chatbots – Since the XMPie platform is built with open software architecture, it’s possible to integrate chatbots into XMPie-powered omnichannel campaigns to maximize the customer experience. The consumer’s intent, combined with brand and marketing data, help the chatbot to present back very detailed and targeted information to add real value to a conversation. By integrating chatbots with the XMPie platform, marketers can interact with consumers in an entirely different way and give them, personalized, relevant and real-time information, or on-board them into a fully interactive campaign.
  • Marketing automation – XMPie Circle is the only omnichannel communications solution on the market that brings together individualized creative content, and a marketing automation workflow. Circle is a full-featured marketing automation tool for managing personalized omnichannel content and campaigns with a single integrated view of the customer. Because both print and digital touchpoints can be automated across an entire campaign, retail projects can generate revenue long after they have been set up.
  • Smart Packaging – Printed packaging can now be turned into a marketing tool and used as the trigger for a follow-on digital brand-consumer dialogue. Digitally-led packaging can not only connect to personalized landing sites or videos to add a high value omnichannel dimension, but it can provide meaningful detailed data and information about the contents of the package such as dietary, environmental or other brand-relevant information.
  • Intelligent Assistants –Xerox and PARC have developed a smart assistant that understands the context of a conversation and can intelligently construct a response. For example, the AI assistant can create the first draft of a proposal in response to an RFP. It works with a knowledge base of previous RFPs, looks for similar questions, and suggests the best answers based on those earlier questions. This technology can be scaled to cover a new wealth of new opportunities including personalized messages and catalogs, flyers, etc., that marketers can leverage for their omnichannel marketing campaigns.

XMPie and PARC are also collaborating on new AI projects for personalization and marketing automation. Stay tuned for more developments on this coming soon.

Watch the full replay here.