XMPie was founded with a vision to integrate the world of print and digital media and make it easier for every business to create and produce personalized communications.

Our solutions cover three main application areas – Media Personalization, Web-to-Print Portals and Marketing Automation – all united through a common technology foundation. The XMPie architecture uniquely employs a modular approach where data and business rules are shared across multiple channels. Whether a campaign consists of print alone or a combination of print and digital media – with XMPie, data is always synchronized across all the channels enabling a truly holistic brand experience.


Power your documents with variable data.


Extend your reach across multiple channels


Sell print online 24/7 - on demand


Plan, visualize and automate multichannel campaigns


Extend your value and capabilities


Personalization tools for every channel

An Integrated Multichannel Solution

Media Design


The XMPie platform is flexible and built for growth. While other solutions can bring you to an impasse when more capabilities are needed, XMPie can be easily ramped-up or extended. Our software is complemented by a rich set of API’s that can be leveraged to enable integrations with third party systems such as CRM, ERP, MIS or DAM or other internal home-grown systems.

The core of the XMPie approach is a Modular Integration of Data, Logic, and Design


Either Data, Logic, or Design can be changed or replaced without forcing a change in the other two


Use the latest technologies in the fields of Data, Logic, and Design

Design is Media-specific:

Logic and Data is shared across all channels even without a common Design

Open XM Technology

XMPie introduces a novel breakthrough approach for integrating Digital Media in Cross Media communications. With Open XM technology marketers now have the freedom to fully leverage state-of-the-art Web, email, and mobile media technologies while still ensuring that all personalized touch-points in the communications stream – Print and Digital – are synchronized perfectly.

Deliver on the promise of modern, integrated and consistent brand experiences, across all channels, with no tradeoff in media capabilities, presentation or design.  Step into personalized digital design and development with today’s leading web technologies and tools, such as AngularJS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, to create responsive design web content, mobile-friendly landing sites, single-page applications and more.  Create cutting-edge personalized email and web experiences that are fully integrated with XMPie print personalization and data technologies. 

Open XM does not require the use of any proprietary design tool

Open XM does not require the use of any proprietary design tool

Use Open XM to personalize your digital touchpoints with any web design tool you choose.

Simply add the Open XM code snippet to your html code

Simply add the Open XM code snippet to your html code

Open XM uses "page tags" to invoke the Data / Logic layer.

Create personalized sites through different scenarios or workflows

Create personalized sites through different scenarios or workflows


  • Pure HTML based personalization through tagging HTML code
  • Web-pages that use JavaScript to incorporate personalization
  • Apps that introduce personalization by making API calls directly to the Server
Optionally use our Adobe Dreamweaver plugin to create personalized sites with Open XM

Optionally use our Adobe Dreamweaver plugin to create personalized sites with Open XM

uCreate Digital is a Dreamweaver extension for creating dynamic websites using Open XM in Adobe Dreamweaver.

Why XMPie?

A Complete CCM Solution

  • XMPie continues to the lead the way in Customer Communications Management (CCM) with a commitment to product innovation, performance and service.
  • Our technology seamlessly connects to databases to generate personalized multichannel campaigns perfectly synchronized across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Together with key functionalities such as analytics, campaign management, automation, and more, XMPie solutions can deliver campaigns that bring about exceptional results.
  • As the CCM market continues to move forward from print alone to digital, mobile and multichannel, customers can be assured that their investment in XMPie will continue to serve the market as it shifts.

End to End Adobe Workflow

  • With XMPie there is no compromise on creative design or workflow-flexibility.
  • Add personalization to all of your channels and still be assured that brand requirements are satisfied.
  • Our technology is native to Adobe InDesign CC and unlike proprietary platforms that require a document conversion process prior to tagging, XMPie personalized output remains pixel-perfect and true to what the designer intended.

Open Architecture

  • The flexibility of our platform is second to none. Unlike our competitors, our products are extendable platforms that can be customized to any environment or need.
  • Our open architecture and API’s enable the greatest flexibility for integration with other internal systems or 3rd party applications. Build on our platform to create any solution imaginable.

Scalable Product Line

  • Start anywhere, add capabilities, and protect your investment all along the way.
  • No matter where you are in the family of XMPie products, you can easily add power and functionality as the business grows.
  • Move from a desktop workstation to server, single-server to multi-server, or from print-only to full Cross-media (multichannel) capabilities, without losing any of your work.
  • We have the technology you need for making the transition to becoming a multichannel marketer.