XMpie and Adobe

XMPie and Adobe.

The Perfect Combination.

The XMPie Platform natively supports the Adobe workflow across all its design applications.

Drive variability into every aspect of your InDesign document.

Personalize images in Photoshop and Illustrator to grab attention.

Produce data-driven personalized videos with AfterEffects.

Harness the InDesign Server for InDesign’s advanced design capabilities.

An End-to-End Adobe Workflow

Vary your content or design for different document versions. Personalize your communications to individual recipients or customize your campaigns for particular audiences. Add value by customizing CMYK+ effects. Protect your brands’ fonts and color. Synchronize your print and digital touchpoints. Scale-up and process large volumes of dynamic print or digital communications.

No document conversion process required

No document conversion process required

What Our Customers Are Saying


XMPie uCreate Print is an InDesign plugin for creating advanced data-driven documents directly inside the InDesign application. It supports the complete Adobe InDesign workflow from set-up through preview and composition. 

This means faster on-boarding of templates, with fewer steps in the design workflow. It also offers full graphics support and color management (where others are limited) so that brands can protect their brand identity for every touchpoint.

XMPie retains the quality of the design into the variable data print stream, as if you were printing each document manually straight from the Adobe application; XMPie harnesses Adobe’s technology as part of the composition process.


Personalize your images for print, email and web. Use XMPie’s Adobe Photoshop® plugin, uImage, to create stunning variable data-driven photo-realistic images or graphics and effortlessly embed them into XMPie print or digital documents.

The XMPie platform is a scalable solution. Generate images from your desktop or add a uImage server-based solution to power high volume jobs.


Produce creatively sophisticated personalized videos that are targeted to the recipient with data-driven variable content.

Add a personalized URL or QR code to a personalized print piece to drive recipients to the personalized video, which can act as a potent trigger for other touchpoints in the communications journey.


Customer Success Stories

Learn how XMPie users are benefiting from the XMPie Platform’s end-to-end Adobe workflow.

Swiss Direct

Swiss Direct was tasked with maximizing signatories to the Suva Safety Charter, thus preventing workplace accidents and saving lives.

To attract as many signatories as possible, Swiss Direct Marketing AG recommended an omnichannel approach that reached prospective customers via both print and online channels.

The results? A 127% increase in signatories to the Suva Safety Charter.



AutoPoint needed to build an email and print marketing retention platform for the entire customer lifecycle. 

It had to be scalable and able to fulfil incredibly fast to help its manufacturer and dealer clients to connect with drivers at every step of their vehicle ownership journey.

It needed an InDesign end-to-end workflow so that brand representation features such as custom fonts and Pantone colors could assure clients that brand identities would be protected at every touchpoint.


"Our print volume has grown at least 20 times since we have been using XMPie," Jamie Tabone, Prepress Manager at Compu-Mail

US Print Service Provider, has built an integrated marketing powerhouse offering all multichannel touchpoints including print, email and web. 

Compu-Mail needed a new solution that could better handle its color workflow and handle Compu-Mail’s high print volume requirements.


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