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Building Beyond eCommerce – 25 January 2022


Out-of-the-box, StoreFlow delivers all the features you need from a print-focused eCommerce system. This scalable, industry-leading Web to Print software makes it easy for you to put a range of ready-to-order, results-driving communications at your customers’ fingertips, 24/7.

Need even more features, integration, and automation? You can customize your StoreFlow platform to almost any environment or need. Unlike competitive alternatives, StoreFlow is designed to be part of an open, standards-based portfolio—with common logic and familiar user workflows from application to application, including CRMs, Print MIS, eProcurement systems and more.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how StoreFlow can be extended in various ways. We’ll highlight an example of how one XMPie user has extended StoreFlow successfully to automate more of its ordering, preparation, and production processes, and we’ll look at how XMPie has enabled a bi-directional link between StoreFlow and Dataline’s powerful MultiPress MIS/ERP system.

Join special guests, Kurt Leybaert for the Inni Group, and Christoph Krohn for Dataline, as they talk through (almost) everything you need to know about StoreFlow and its integration potential.

The XMPie Dashboard that we showed significantly cuts down any development between StoreFlow and other 3rd party systems, such as the MultiPress ERP from Dataline. This Dashboard can be purchased as an additional add-in from XMPie Professional Services and is available upon request.

This middleware connection between Storeflow and MultiPress provides a simple yet powerful bi-directional flow of jobs and data between the two platforms. It increases efficiency and productivity from both sides without custom development and access to the APIs.

For more information on the Dashboard and the integration with MultiPress ERP don’t hesitate to get in touch with

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