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CCM fast moving towards individualized, multichannel communications

Editorial by Jacob Aizikowitz, President of XMPie

Gartner’s first CCM Magic Quadrant evaluates vendors in today’s CCM industry, which is fast evolving from its historical roots in the Transactional applications space into multichannel, interactive, individualized communications that are creatively compelling.

The Transactional applications market place is print-centric, using Transactional output formats — such as IPDS and AFP — and it is outbound focused. I believe, as CCM shifts, Transactional will be a less prominent factor while interactive, media-rich, creatively engaging, and multichannel communications will take center stage.

It is evident that the market is fast moving towards individualized, multichannel and cross media communications.  Drip campaigns, lead nurturing, content marketing, and ultimately marketing automation are the critical developments defining this transformation. XMPie’s Circle, which is also mentioned in the Gartner report, is a critical element of the XMPie solution suite that enables users of the XMPie technology to deliver these modern elements of CCM.

Since its founding in 2000  XMPie’s technological and business focus has always been firmly centered on the needs of marketing and informational businesses – delivering first-rate experiences for their customers through 1:1 multichannel communications.

I believe that for XMPie, being positioned as highest for ability to execute and furthest for completeness of vision within the Challengers Quadrant, is clear recognition of our market strength, solution viability and ongoing influence in the key areas that the CCM market will be focusing on in the near future.

2014 will be a very exciting year for XMPie as well as for all the strong companies who were featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, as the foundations of CCM continue to shift and develop further towards creative multichannel and interactive communications.

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