Circle Release Notes

Version (Dec 4, 2016)

  1.  Added: Project-Instance capabilities, for use with PersonalEffect Cross Media version 9.0 or above (to be release in 2017). See also What’s new.


Version (Sep 4, 2016)

  1. Added: Circle client technology was migrated to HTML and is now free of Silverlight.


Version 2.1 (Apr 3, 2016)

  1. Added: Multiple Data Sources are available in 2G projects.
  2. Added: Generate Proofset is now available from Circle.


Version 2.0.2 (Jan 24, 2016)

  1. Maintenance release.


Version 2.0.1 (Dec 28, 2015)

  1. Maintenance release.


Version 2.0 (Nov 29, 2015)

  1. Added: 2G is now available.


Version 2.17.4899 (Nov 22,2015)

  1. Modified: Touchpoints only get an ID after the diagram is saved.
  2. Modified: Before binding, you need to click Connect, and select between 2G and 1G.
  3. Modified: The Run Center is now accessible via a button in the toolbar.


Version 1.17.2932 (Apr 16, 2015)

  1. Modified: Chrome is no longer supported (Chrome removed support for Silverlight and Java).


Version 1.17.2932 (Nov 23, 2014)

  1. Improved: Search engine optimization (SEO).
  2. Modified: Moved the version info from the title to the Login dialog.
  3. Improved: Reduced the load time of the automation notification form.
  4. Fixed: Agent installer does not show its version number (21214).
  5. Fixed: Agent does not warn if the installed uProduce version is too old to be supported (27232).
  6. Fixed: Agent does not work in some proxy environments (28170).
  7. Fixed: Recent Chrome update caused the Track Page drop-down list to clip some of the values (28269).
  8. Fixed: Old demo accounts showed incorrect subscription expiry date (28337).
  9. Modified: Cloud tracking method for future compatibility.


Version 1.17.2915 (Oct 26, 2014)

  1. Fixed: When subscribing with email domain which is new to Circle, a user is not created and no notification appears (28245).
  2. Fixed: Running Process Now for a Touchpoint before saving the Project causes the process to fail (28074).
  3. Fixed: Attempting to remove a user from the Project fails (28132).
  4. Fixed: Deleting a user in the Back Office leaves an empty row in the Roles screen (21896).
  5. Fixed: Touchpoint comments show the modification time in an incorrect time zone (27816).
  6. Fixed: Sometimes in defining a Web Event Filter, the Page drop-down list does not open (28079).
  7. Fixed: In Automation, the Mac Safari shows “unknown” instead of the Webpage list (28137).


Version 1.17.2895 (Sep 15, 2014)

  1. Added: Business Edition.
  2. Modified: The system no longer charges for Active Projects
  3. Modified: Team Edition supports scheduled Touchpoints
  4. Modified: Team Edition is limited to 15 collaborators
  5. Modified: Price per user has been changed
  6. Modified: Circle Help has been updated to reflect changes in the pricing model


Version 1.16.2809 (Aug 17, 2014)

  1. Fixed: Automation Plan Filter dropdown doesn’t show the Plan Filters (27776).


Version 1.16.2807 (Jul 20, 2014)

  1. Fixed: An “unsupported browser” message appears on IE10 (27573).
  2. Fixed: Projects cannot be archived (27564).


Version 1.16.2805 (Jul 13,2014)

  1. Improved: The Open/Organize menu opens faster.
  2. Improved: The Run Center frame looks better on its background.
  3. Improved: Notification shows a busy indicator.
  4. Improved: Notification email layout and colors.
  5. Fixed: Various issues when running Circle on Mac (27325, 27332).
  6. Fixed: It is not possible to add new custom reports (27377).
  7. Fixed: The Run Center doesn’t show the default time zone for new Accounts (27420).


Version 1.16.2795 (Jun 29, 2014)

  1. Fixed: Calendar event filter does not allow to input double digit number of days (26764).
  2. Fixed: Before Silverlight is installed, an unrelated message appears (27066).
  3. Fixed: Event Filter labels are not shown if the Project is locked by a user (26749).


Version 1.15.2706 (Mar 23,2014)

  1. Fixed: Automation filter does not open for Builders with Project level permissions only (26488).
  2. Fixed: Project does not go Live for Builders with Project Level permissions only (26590).
  3. Fixed: Mockup files are not copied in an imported Project if the Mockup file names contain spaces (26577).


Version 1.15.2694 (Feb 26, 2014)

  1. Added: The user may open multiple browser tabs with the Circle application.
  2. Fixed: Clicking a link to a diagram while the Circle application is already open does not take the user to a Circle page in Chrome (26524)
  3. Fixed: The option to unlock a project appears in the Archive list (24278).
  4. Fixed: In IE11 a user cannot access the Automation Event Filter (26359)
  5. Limitation: Automation does not work on Mac Safari 7 (works on earlier Safari browsers).


Version 1.15.2679 (Jan 19, 2014)

  1. Limitation: Automation does not work on Mac Safari 7 (works on earlier Safari browsers).
  2. Fixed: After completing a PayPal payment, sometimes the Team Account is not automatically created (24913).
  3. Fixed: The Unbind button does not remove the binding indication (26661).
  4. Fixed: An error occurs when attempting to save a Project as a Flow Pattern with Automation (25961).
  5. Fixed: Regression – sample Campaigns do not allow to see the report (26061).
  6. Improved: Automation goes live quicker (26011).
  7. Improved: Page Names and Action Names can be selected from a drop-down list.
  8. Improved: In case a customer runs out of credit, the system sends a notification and gives a short grace period before freezing the account.


Version 1.14.2626 (Dec 1, 2013)

  1. Fixed: Dragging the Recipient Node generates an error (25977).
  2. Fixed: Making the initial connection to a uProduce System with a large number of elements takes a long time (25968).
  3. Fixed: The Send Now panel does not look well visually in some versions of IE (25215).
  4. Fixed: After setting up Sample Recipients, the Sample Recipients drop-down list does not get a default selection (25236).
  5. Fixed: After unbinding, the Live Preview still appears in the Integration tab (25754).
  6. Fixed: Flow Patterns appeared in the Sample List (25964).
  7. Fixed: A Sample Recipient name disregards a user-defined name format (25988).


Version 1.14.2618 (Nov 24,2013)

  1. Fixed: In the Review tab, the Text Node text is centered, where it should be aligned to the right as in the Plan and Build tabs (25959)
  2. Fixed: The “uVideo” Enhancer should be renamed to “Video” (25570).
  3. Fixed: When trying to open a Project, sometimes a “change in your access right” message appears (25982).
  4. Fixed: Frequently, the system hangs in the Sample Recipient Selection wizard  (25963).
  5. Fixed: The Automation icon does not appear in Sample Projects (25978).
  6. Fixed: The Sample Recipient drop-down list does not appear in Sample Projects (25976).
  7. Fixed: A Node title is clipped in the Review tab (25960).
  8. Fixed: The Send a Copy option no longer works (25975).
  9. Fixed: Live Preview for some Campaigns stopped working (25955).
  10. Bug: Dragging the Recipient Node generates an error (25977).
  11. Bug: Making the initial connection to a uProduce System with a large number of elements takes a long time (25968).

Version 1.14.2601 (Nov 17, 2013)

  1. Added: Email and Print scheduling, including recurrence.

  2. Added: Profile and Event filters.

  3. Added: Manual production (sending an email) triggering from Circle.

  4. Modified: Sample recipients are now sorted alphabetically.

  5. Fixed: On Mac, uploading mockups sometimes fails and causes the Node to disappear after reopening the Project(24550).

  6. Fixed: When going to the File menu, it is sometimes closed and has to be reopened.

  7. Fixed: The system sometimes gets stuck on sign-out(24788).

  8. Fixed: Sometimes the Roles table does not show up (24797).

  9. Fixed: For users who are connected to multiple Accounts, the Invite to Project link does not open the correct Project(24894).

Version 1.13.2207 (Sep 29, 2013)

  1. Added: Extended Branding support. Customer can replace all XMPie and Circle logos and documentation throughout the application

  2. Added: Support for Email Preview in PersonalEffect 6.6 and above.

  3. Fixed: If user saves the project, after mockup upload failure has occurred, the failed nodes disappear when opening the project again.

Version 1.12.2187 (Jul 7, 2013)

  1. Added: Created an online store that accepts credit cards, PayPal, and coupons.

  2. Added: Owner role. The user with the Owner permissions can buy credits and renew the subscription.

  3. Added: Billing mechanism for consuming credits for Active Projects and Principal Users.

  4. Added: The Subscription page that displays subscription information.

  5. Added: Various finance reports.

  6. Added: One-click free editions, and an automatic expiration mechanism.

Version 1.10.2081 (Apr 14,2013)

  1. Fixed: In the Archive tab, clicking any button next to the Project name, except for the Un-archive button, causes an error (24277).

  2. Fixed: Clicking Sign-off causes an error (24171).

  3. Fixed: After signing-out and then signing-in with a different user, it is impossible to delete, rename or archive Projects (24432).

  4. Fixed: Opening a different Project does not unlock the closed Project, so that others can edit it (24434).

  5. Fixed: The out-of-the-box Flow Patterns do not appear under the Flow Pattern toolbox tab (24435).

  6. Fixed: A link to a Sample Project does not open the Project (24439).

  7. Limitation: Clicking a a link to a Project, while being already signed-in, causes the browser to crash. A fix should be available soon (24470).

  8. Limitation: Mockup upload does not work on Mac Mountain Lion and crashes the browser. A fix should be available soon (24419).

Version 1.10.2079 (Apr 7, 2013)

  1. Added: Power User role. This role can create new Projects and invite other users to collaborate on a Project.

  2. Added: Archiving/Un-archiving of Projects to help customers reduce costs and tidy up their My Project list.

  3. Added: Local Emails can now be viewed in browser.

  4. Added: Support of Grab and Drag/Multi Selection modes.

  5. Added: Country and States now appear in the report.

  6. Added: Contact Me from the PODi samples. Customers can now request to get more information from PODi directly from the sample.

  7. Added: The system automatically detects and reports clock diverts on the Agent machine.

  8. Fixed: On Mac some text overlaps the images (24296).

  9. Fixed: Sometimes the Plan toolbox appears in the Review tab (22951).

  10. Fixed: The profile image is missing in the Comment notification email (24185).

  11. Fixed: Upon completion of the Agent Installation, an error appears on the Sys Tray for a short duration, misleading the user to think that the installation failed (24244).

  12. Fixed: In Chrome, if the Node title link spreads into two lines, the top line is not clickable (24253).

  13. Limitation: Mockup upload does not work on Mac Mountain Lion and crashes the browser (24419).

Version 1.09.2014 (Feb 17, 2013)

  1. Added: Account administrators can send a copy of a Project to another Account. The target Account administrator can accept and import the copy to his Account.

  2. Improved: The experience of publishing a Copy or a Project as a Sample has been improved.

  3. Improved: There is a new Share screen.

  4. Improved: Projects open quicker than before when opening from a notification email link.

  5. Fixed: In the Custom Integrate window, clicking the link that passes the {{PostUserData}} parameters opens the page only for the first time (23155).

  6. Fixed: Changing the default 50 recipients range causes an error (24077).

  7. Fixed: Ctrl-Z is not working for Nodes marked as selected (20708).

  8. Fixed: The Node ID enumeration sometimes starts from values other than 1 (21387).

  9. Fixed: If saving while an upload operation is underway, the save is not done automatically, as it is supposed to be (23903).

  10. Fixed: When selecting File>New, the Review tab was sometimes displayed instead of the Plan tab (20876).

Version 1.08.1966 (Jan 27, 2013)

  1. Improved: Customer Accounts can now be created in large scale without human interventions.  In previous versions, for every hundred Accounts created, XMPie had to do a manual operation.

  2. Added: A Guest link.  It is now possible to create a link, using a utility, that opens a Project without requiring a sign-in.

  3. Fixed: After making changes in uProduce, refreshing, saving, and reopening, the changes are lost (24007).

  4. Fixed: Modifying the Agent PersonalEffect System name does not modify the name in the Circle PE System drop-down list (24004).

  5. Fixed: An Administrator cannot remove another user with the same name as the Administrator (24040).

  6. Fixed: Multiple selections and clicking the CTRL cause a critical error (24041).

  7. Fixed: Selecting the owner in the Back Office does not save the owner (23995).

  8. Fixed: Sending invitation via the Back Office deletes the owner role (23994).

  9. Fixed: Sometimes clicking Sign-out causes an error (23950).

  10. Fixed: After failure to connect to PersonalEffect, clicking OK causes an exception (24035).

  11. Fixed: Agent installer does not identify when it is being installed on a non-supported operating system (24075).

Version 1.07.1925 (Jan 13, 2013)

  1. Added:  A Sign-Up website. This website allows new customers to sign up and start working immediately, without XMPie human intervention.
  2. Improved: Agent connectivity is now created automatically, without XMPie back office intervention.
  3. Improved: The Circle Agent has been completely redesigned.
  4. Improved: The Agent provides much more flexible automatic upgrading.
  5. Improved: Changed the Agent queue service provider.
  6. Improved: The user no longer needs to fill in the License Key.
  7. Added: The Agent can now work behind a proxy.
  8. Added: The Agent has a user interface that allows modifying the settings easily, and replaces the uProduce System dialog.
  9. Added: A way to restart the Agent service from the user interface.
  10. Added: An Agent can be de-activated in the Circle back office.
  11. Added: In the Roles dialog, a user can be removed from a project.
  12. Added: In the Custom Integration bubble, a binding can be removed.
  13. Improved: The system verifies that the Agent is used on a single computer.
  14. Added: A Samples tab in the Open dialog to allow an easy access to Sample Projects.
  15. Added: Toolbox animation.
  16. Improved: The Close button has been added to the bubble dialogs.
  17. Added: Tracking of the user browser type.
  18. Added: Split the tracking database from the application database.
  19. Added: Replaced the database with a scalable database.
  20. Added: Reporting Services for XMPie authorized personal use.
  21. Fixed: Node IDs are not unique (23117).
  22. Fixed: Cannot change the email address in My Profile (23307).
  23. Fixed: Invited users who click the link in the invitation email before registering will not be able to log in (23616).
  24. Fixed: The Go to Node title text is not saved (21919).
  25. Fixed: Deleting a bound Node leaves the corresponding uProduce element bound (21999).
  26. Fixed: Planners and Builders cannot see the Samples (22589).
  27. Fixed: When working in the Build tab, the system sometimes gets stuck (22605).
  28. Fixed: When pressing Sign Out, the Silverlight loads again (22946).
  29. Fixed: It is impossible to align the Sticky Note with other Nodes (22982).
  30. Fixed: Lack of session expiry mechanism causes a security issue (23722).
  31. Fixed: The Mockup upload stopped working (23869).

Version 1.05 (Aug 19, 2012)

  1. Fixed: After a PE Campaign is removed, the Nodes remain bound, with inability for the user to unbind (23118).
  2. Fixed: Flow Pattern nodes get non-unique Node IDs (23117).
  3. Fixed: Clicking an email preview link, opens the Node rename textbox, instead of the preview dialog (23116).
  4. Fixed: Custom preview data posts, transfer the data without escaping the XML (23126).

Version 1.04 (Aug 5, 2012)

  1. Fixed: When signing out, the application reloads causing delay and bad overall user experience (22990).
  2. Fixed: In the Roles dialog, a long list extends below the visible area of the window (22991).

Version 1.03 (Jul 29, 2012)

  1. Added: The “Piece of Cake” sample Project that demonstrates many of the Cross-Media and Circle features (available in all editions).
  2. Added: Images in the Mockup dialog can be named.
  3. Added: Images in the Mockup dialog can be selected for in-Node Mockup view.
  4. Added: Option to include Projects or User information as parameters in the custom Preview URL.
  5. Added: Option to collapse the application banner to increase the work space.
  6. Added: For security reasons, after the application is idle for two hours, the application is signs out automatically.
  7. Fixed: After saving a Sample Project using the “Save As” option, the Mockups are no longer displayed (22536).
  8.  Fixed: Deleting a user in the Back Office, prevents users from logging-in (22649).
  9.  Fixed: The “Save As” operation does not save the branding image(22882).
  10.  Fixed: After editing the “Go To” node title, saving, and reopening it, the title reverts back to “A” (21919).
  11.  Fixed: Flow Patterns are missing a scroll bar (22038).
  12.  Fixed: Images are missing in the email notifications triggered by comment discussion thread replies (22182).
  13.  Fixed: Pop-ups appear incorrectly when window size is small (22304).
  14.  Fixed: Switching to another window before posting a comment clears the Comment textbox (22469).
  15.  Fixed: Projects in the Open window are not sorted by the “Last Modified” column by default. (22609).
  16.  Fixed: Clicking on the video links in the online help shows an error (22821).
  17.  Fixed: Custom images are missing the Comment notification emails.

 Version 1.02 (Jul 15, 2012)

  1.  Added: Touchpoint preview support for sample projects.
  2.  Fixed: Invitation email contains links to instead of

Version 1.01 (Jul 8, 2012)

  1.  Fixed: Opting-out from receiving Comment notifications prevents user from receiving any kind of email (22647)
  2.  Fixed: Email addresses with email domains containing ‘_’ or ‘-‘ are rejected by the system (22723).

Version 1.00 (Jun 17, 2012)

  1.  Added: Editions support. Now, the Team and Business Edition features are blocked in the Personal Edition.
  2.  Added: Access permissions to PODi samples for all Circle users.
  3.  Added: “Request to publish a project” feature. Published projects are viewable by all Circle users.
  4.  Added: “Forgot my password” feature.
  5.  Improved: Client memory consumption.
  6.  Improved: Image upload and download performance.
  7.  Improved: Project opening performance.
  8.  Improved: “Open”, “Organize”, and “Save As” pages. Unified “Open” and “Organize” menu items.
  9.  Improved: Verified that Circle supports these browsers: Chrome (Windows), IE (Windows), Firefox, Safari.
  10.  Improved: Security.
  11.  Added: “Down for maintenance” webpage.
  12.  Added: A sign-in “Busy” indicator.
  13.  Added: Features to freeze and terminate Accounts.
  14.  Added: Various back office features.
  15.  Improved: The “Start” node icon.
  16.  Improved: The “Project” node shape.
  17.  Improved: Various UI changes.
  18.  Fixed: When opening a Project, non-Latin node title appears incorrectly (22359).
  19.  Fixed: When opening a Project, long node description is trimmed (22241).
  20.  Fixed: When the node title contains a line break, the Comment email fails (22397).
  21.  Fixed: When opening a Project, the “Go To” node title reverts back to “A” (21919).
  22.  Fixed: The recipient selected in the “Recipient Details” list, does not become active (22044).
  23.  Fixed: The text node does not allow multiple rows (22141).
  24.  Fixed: Email domain starting with digits fails verification (22407).
  25.  Fixed: Clicking the invitation link to yields a browser security warning (22452).

 Version 0.xx          Pre-release versions

  1.  Added: Diagram sketching.
  2.  Added: Mockup/image support.
  3.  Added: Artwork view. This view shows the Mockup images as the node background.
  4.  Added: Integration with uProduce and Marketing Console.
  5.  Added: Support for multiple uProduce and multiple sites, within a single Project.
  6.  Added: Preview of websites, emails, and print pieces (proof).
  7.  Added: Selection of sample recipients.
  8.  Added: Reporting.
  9.  Added: Discussion thread collaboration.
  10.  Added: Sharing via image and link.
  11.  Added: User invitation and self-registration.
  12.  Added: Role based security.  Assign Roles to uers.  A user Role defines the user’s set of permissions.
  13.  Added: PODi samples.
  14.  Added: Branding – in banner and using image nodes.
  15.  Added: Custom node icons, custom website previews, and custom reports.
  16.  Added: User flow patterns and public flow patterns.
  17.  Added: Online-help and video tutorials.
  18.  Added: Multi-tenant security.
  19.  Added: “My profile”.
  20.  Added: “Feedback” link.