Claremon Print Chooses the XMPie Platform to Help Drive GrowthRESOURCES

Claremon Print Chooses the XMPie Platform to Help Drive Growth

Claremon Ltd. (Claremon) is a Bradford-based printer on a mission. Always embracing lucrative innovations to future-proof its business, Claremon has selected the XMPie platform to power its marketing portals and multichannel marketing services.

We recently met with Claremon’s Managing Director, John Conroy, to learn how XMPie has helped the business infuse its print services with digital marketing technologies.

“We looked at a number of the competitors, and we felt that XMPie had the best overall offering. [Our] customers were buying print, but really, we felt that they wanted more. They wanted to be able to click on a campaign that would deliver things across media… and we felt that XMPie had, in a box, all those different solutions. That’s why we chose XMPie,”

– John Conroy, Managing Director of Claremon.
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Omnichannel Services

Initially, Claremon turned to XMPie to support its drive to provide omnichannel services and stand out in a crowded marketplace. XMPie’s TransMedia component includes all the tools to create and manage personalised cross-media communications and guarantees the complete synchronisation of messaging regardless of channel.

This pivot from print-only to omnichannel service provider was also a strategic move to prioritise sustainability in its business practices. The XMPie Platform has numerous advantages for printers and brands looking to shift from generic and wasteful messaging to targeted print and digital messaging, add print-on-demand workflows, reengineer business processes for added efficiency and minimise their carbon footprint.

Marketing Portals

Claremon quickly realised that consolidating its Web-to-Print solution on the same platform as its omnichannel solution would provide many additional benefits to the business, so just three months later, it switched from its original web-to-print solution to adopt XMPie’s eCommerce component, PersonalEffect StoreFlow.

Customers expect the ‘Amazon shopping experience’ when buying print, just as they expect it while shopping for any other product. Ease, convenience, affordability, and speed – for a print shop, an eCommerce print ordering platform is the best way to provide that high level of service.

StoreFlow does not just streamline the print ordering process for the print buyer. It automates print and increases efficiencies for the print provider at every stage, from order to fulfilment. Each of Claremon’s B2B clients is provided with a bespoke branded storefront for ordering their printed material. Users can select templates, customise the artwork, add logos and images, and even upload their own documents. It has built-in approval workflows and integrates with all the leading payment gateways for maximum convenience. It also comes with XMPie’s document composition engine, PersonalEffect, which, integrated with Adobe InDesign, allows print buyers to personalise their print products during ordering.

Claremon’s decision to switch to XMPie’s robust eCommerce solution was inadvertently well timed as the Covid-19 pandemic hit three months later, and it was in a solid position to adapt to the new normal fast.

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Direct Mail

“I’m really excited about the new technology that XMPie is bringing out. We’re looking into starting the [personalised] video campaigns, and many applications could be used with that technology, and what we didn’t realise was that we had the technology to Direct Mail, all in the XMPie package,”

– Nicky Jarvis-Jones, Senior Designer at Claremon.

After rolling out numerous Web-to-Print storefronts powered by PersonalEffect StoreFlow, Claremon quickly realised that XMPie’s robust and high-power Variable Data Print (VDP) capabilities, which are included in the StoreFlow package, can be used as a standalone feature for other applications like Direct Mail.

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Instead of sending out identical communications to everyone, VDP is a higher-value technology that generates a single print file with different versions of the same document. Each version has a unique combination of data-driven text, images, charts, etc., to make it more relevant to each individual and drive action and engagement.

“Conventional print isn’t always what the customer needs. They need a way to capture interest and engagement and move the conversation online,”

– John Conroy, Managing Director, Claremon.

With XMPie, Claremon can also offer its customer even more value and higher ROI by injecting these personalised print communications with digital channels via links to personalised landing pages or videos.

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Single Platform Approach

The XMPie Platform is a suite of tightly integrated scalable components designed to offer much more value than just print on paper. Just as Claremon diversified its services first with an omnichannel component before improving its print ordering function and process efficiency with XMPie’s Web-to-Print component and adding standalone VDP services later, any print shop or enterprise can start wherever there is a business need and use different features to diversity and add more value as the business evolves.

Contact your local representative using the form below to explore the best way to start your journey on the XMPie platform.

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