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ARC-X Media Upgrades to Scalable XMPie Marketing Platform

ARC X-Media, a UK-based technology company, focusing on the post-purchase retail experience, has future-proofed its business by upgrading its XMPie software to Enterprise Cross Media, a fully scalable and customisable marketing platform.

ARC X-Media is using the XMPie platform to power two cornerstone services – SMARTSLIP® and SMARTReturnsTM – for household brands such as Amara, Figleaves, Revolution Beauty, Orlebar Brown and many more – to solve a universal retail problem at that critical moment when the customer receives the purchased product. Many retailers tend to neglect this pivotal moment in the sales-cycle even though it is a unique opportunity to foster loyalty, improve the customer experience, increase awareness of the product range and most importantly increase sales.

The SMARTSLIP® is a highly personalised dynamic in-parcel document which replaces the obsolete delivery note (read the case study). This digitally-led print piece integrates web technologies, such as QR codes, personalised product recommendations, unique promotional offer codes and adds a personal touch to this often-neglected touchpoint by suggesting compelling reasons to shop again, review, refer a friend, or shout about the brand.

SMARTReturnsTM is a fully customisable, mobile-optimised returns portal, which makes the product returns experience easier for the customer while saving significant cost and waste.

To keep up with the high demand for their solution, ARC X-Media has chosen to upgrade its XMPie solution to Enterprise Cross Media to take advantage of the enterprise-grade solution’s fault-tolerant operation, faster and parallel processing capabilities, and easy scaling for the future.

“After launching our first post-purchase campaigns with XMPie, there was a lot of interest in what we were doing because competition in the retail industry is fierce. More and more retailers understand that returning customers are critical to their long-term success, so we needed to safeguard our future by reinforcing our solution to handle our growing influx of clients,” explained Andrew Curran, director of ARC X-Media. “We needed a bespoke solution.  An off-the-shelf solution wasn’t an option because our requirements were so unique. XMPie is the Rolls Royce. It’s resilient, and it’s the core of our solution. Everything else is built around it, and no other technology can match its capabilities.”

XMPie’s Professional Services Team helped ARC X-Media develop its SMARTReturnsTM returns portal for clients to update document content online and add variable content such as personalised images, customer segments and campaign logic and create proofs before making the campaign live.

“ARC X-Media’s services have become integral to its clients’ fulfillment operation. Its fast growth in conjunction with retail peaks such as Black Friday and the Holiday Season has led to its focus on building a more resilient and scalable solution for the future,” said Phil Gaskin, Business Development Channel Manager, XMPie. “Because the XMPie platform is completely scalable, ARC X-Media has been able to add the power and functionality that it needed while still protecting its initial investment in the software.”

For further information about the XMPie Platform, contact the XMPie sales team.