Coming Right Up: Your Favorite Coffee with a Personalised LabelRESSOURCEN

Coming Right Up: Your Favorite Coffee with a Personalised Label


Today, labels have become an effective media for brands to build valuable relationships and engage directly with customers. We recently attended Label Expo in Brussels, Belgium, where we had the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and customers to discuss all things labels – from design and appeal to personalisation and special effects – and showcase how we at XMPie are powering personalised labels.

During the show, we demonstrated a fully integrated personalised label application with our own web-to-print solution, uStore and HP’s print production operating system, PrintOS and Indigo Presses. We’ll walk you through a demonstration of this application later in the post, but first, let’s look at what exactly this integration means and how it works.

XMPie solutions are fully integrated with HP PrintOS and HP Indigo presses, enabling print providers to efficiently process a high number of targeted labels and packages. uStore supports both static, user-submitted documents and template-driven, variable documents, as well as a wide array of applications including direct mail, collaterals, labels, packaging and much more. uStore automates order acquisition and streamlines the workflow between the online storefront and HP Indigo presses so that print providers can serve their clients 24/7.

This integration brings a wealth of benefits to print shops including:

  • Orders placed on uStore are submitted directly upon creation to PrintOS.
  • Allows customisation of information you want to send such as customer info, order info, media selection and more.
  • Eliminates human error with zero duplicated keystrokes.
  • The system requires minimal implementation and works in minutes.
  • XMPie cloud interpretation service converts the uStore order details information to PrintOS structured information and ensures constant compliance.
  • Ideal for labels & packaging, enabling providers to efficiently process a number of short-run personalised packages.

Personalised Labels in Action


Now we’ll run through the demonstration we showcased at Label Expo. Imagine that a fictitious coffee company called Pressocup created a web-to-print storefront on their website for customers to order products 24/7. One of the product options they have is for customers to create personalised coffee packages that can be delivered to family and/or friends.

To get started, the customer fills out the below form to create the personalised coffee package. They’ll include attributes such as the name of who the coffee is being sent to, who it’s from, a personalised message, the type of coffee roast and a personalised image.

The customer can see a live preview of what the package will look like and can make any necessary adjustments to get the label just the way they want it. Once all the criteria are set, the customer clicks next and is brought to the checkout page where they can choose the quantity to send, see the price and add it to their cart. Once they’re done shopping, they can go to the cart and cash out.

And voila – the personalised coffee label and package is being created and will soon be on its way to the recipient! By combining XMPie’s digital media personalisation and web-to-print technologies with HP Indigo’s digital presses and production workflow, print providers work in sync with their customers 24/7 and together showcase the power of personalised labels.

If you’d like a demonstration of this solution, please contact us using the form below.