Customer Retention in Retail: Delivered by

Customer Retention in Retail: Delivered by capitalizes on pivotal moments in the sales-cycle using XMPie software to foster loyalty, improve the customer experience, increase awareness of the product range and increase sales.


„Convergent Personalization is the concept of merging web technologies with traditional media to deliver highly personalized, multi-functional printed documents to retail consumers, at the point of consumption.“ Andrew Curran, Director of, a UK-based customer retention technology business, wanted to foster customer loyalty and increase sales for its client, Amara Living Ltd., a high-end international online store specializing in luxury gifts, designer homeware, lighting & contemporary furniture.

Andrew Curran, Director of, knew that leveraging Amara’s online retail results into a physical print touchpoint in the customer lifecycle would be key. Curran’s idea was to produce a full color, highly personalized and customized delivery note with bespoke-to-the-recipient marketing content. This would be printed and dispatched with each customer’s order. used XMPie PersonalEffect TransMedia Pro to create and dispatch the customized delivery note. They also took advantage of XMPie’s Circle software to manage the campaign across all stages of development.

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