Getting Ready for GDPR With XMPie – 30 Jan 2018RESSOURCEN

Getting Ready for GDPR With XMPie – 30 Jan 2018

GDPR Webinar

Are you ready for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) yet?

GDPR doesn’t have to be scary. It’s designed to strengthen the data protection rights of EU citizens and ensure that businesses correctly manage and respect their customers’ data and engagement preferences.

Here at XMPie, we’ve been working hard to make sure that our software will help you to be totally compliant with the new regulations.

Watch the webinar replay to learn:
• The main elements of the GDPR and what impact they may have on Print and Marketing Service Providers
• How XMPie is committed to providing GDPR compliance with our products 
• The best practices for operating XMPie software in light of the GDPR
• Why GDPR will help you to build trust with your customers

Our webinar panel features:
• Marian Stefani, CEO of the Independent Print Industries Association
• Yaron Tomer, VP R&D, XMPie
• Guy Schreiber, Product Manager, XMPie
• David Baldaro, Product Marketing Manager, XMPie

The webinar includes a Q&A session with our GDPR experts.

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