Introducing Jeff Stewart, XMPie Director of Services RESSOURCEN

Introducing Jeff Stewart, XMPie Director of Services 

You bought XMPie but don’t have the expertise yet in-house to implement the solution quickly? 

You thought you wanted the off-the-shelf option, but need some solution customization? 

You’re not alone. And Jeff Stewart is the man you’ll want to talk to! 


We are excited to announce that Jeff Stewart has been appointed XMPie’s new Director of Services. In this role, Jeff will be available to provide XMPie customers with a tailor-made implementation strategy and service to hit the ground running with their XMPie software. 


Based in the United States, Jeff has over 20 years’ experience implementing digital transformation projects, applications, and multiple-system integrations. Since 2003, Jeff has been involved with XMPie in multiple ways – not only as a customer, but also as a reseller, and a product service provider. 


Focusing on helping customers launch their XMPie-powered services – especially StoreFlow and Omnichannel project implementation – Jeff is eager to get acquainted with new XMPie customers, and to show how he can help them to succeed. 


What techniques will you bring to the table for customers who are preparing their implementation plans? 


Customers who are making the leap and taking their business online with a web-to-print solution, are generally very familiar with printing equipment, workflow automation, and information flow. However, they may struggle with many of the elements needed to build a web-to-print storefront or build a custom application using APIs. By using best practices within the industry, we can help our customers to identify where they want to go with the software and help them take their first steps. I’ll be helping our customers to implement sophisticated projects, plan workflows, mark decision-points, develop custom configurations, or even supply visual and creative campaign elements. There are many opportunities to profit with XMPie software, and the process may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. 


What are the challenges to launching an XMPie platform, and why have you been bought on board? 


Like any technology, it’s not until you get your hands dirty and begin to experiment, that you can understand what it takes to succeed. There are many profitable opportunities to take advantage of, but that wide choice can be daunting. Secondly, and more importantly, is the challenge related to the training and experience of the workforce. And that’s why I’m also building a skills and competency model for the XMPie platform to help new customers to understand how to train existing staff or hire competent new staff to fulfill XMPie project roles. 


Is there a skills problem? 


In my experience, companies who purchase XMPie software already have people on staff who are capable of being trained to do this type of work, but those staff members are already taking care of other tasks. So, this becomes somewhat of a digital transformation issue: How to shift them towards managing this new technology without neglecting their current responsibilities. This new service arm and the projects that we can propose will give new customers a running start without reassigning their existing workforce. 


What implementation services are you offering? 


There are a few options available, including developing starter projects for new customers, developing larger customer projects, by-the-hour consulting and team boosting services, and project scoping and design. 


What Setup Services are you offering? 


Common requests for Set-up services include StoreFlow / uStoreCustom ConfigurationsuPlan/uCreate/Documents, uProduce Custom Configuration, and Circlecampaign project set-up, including workflow, design, and creative services. 


How will users know if they need your implementation services? 


XMPie is a powerful platform, and there are many routes to success. First, identify your goals and what you want to achieve. Second, mark your target date. Pinpointing that timeframe is critical, and you need to be realistic about whether you can reach that goal in-house in the time you set yourself. Time and time again, I’ve seen businesses wasting time – and losing work to the competition – because they fail to be realistic about their capabilities and never see their grand-plans reaching fruition. Understand what you can do and where you need support. In addition to the larger-scale implementation and customization services I mentioned above, we are also able to offer technical support consulting on an hourly basis or ‘retainer’ agreement. 


Interested in learning more? Use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with Jeff and tell him about your project and what help you need.