What’s New: XMPie Product and Feature UpdatesRESSOURCEN

What’s New: XMPie Product and Feature Updates


Goodbye 2018, hello 2019! We’re excited to kick off a new year and delve into what’s next in the world of personalized omnichannel communications. The R&D team at XMPie is always busy so here’s a quick rundown of our recent product updates and features:


PersonalEffect Print / PersonalEffect TransMedia

PersonalEffect is our native platform for creating personalized marketing campaigns through print and digital touchpoints. It helps deliver consistent messages across multiple channels and touchpoints – making managing omnichannel communications an easy task. Recent updates include:

  • Adobe CC 2019 Compatibility: PersonalEffect now supports the latest versions of Adobe CC 2019 14.0.
  • Support for Apple’s new operating system – macOS Mojave (10.14).
  • uImage Interactive Mode: uImage now runs in the foreground enabling easy interaction with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator popup windows. That means you can log in to your Adobe CC Photoshop or Illustrator account and the programs are visible while you’re creating your documents.

Read the release notes to find out more.



Our award-winning Circle software helps you design, deploy, automate and measure your omnichannel campaigns from a single platform. Recent updates include:

  • XMPie Email Service (XES) Integration: We’ve added a new subscription status feature so that you can view the status of your subscription and generate a detailed usage report for a specific time range directly from the Circle dashboard.
  • PDF-on-Demand: You can now save a copy of a PDF which has been generated on-demand by the recipient, e.g. when the PDF on Demand link is clicked. The copy is saved to a target destination which has been pre-defined in PersonalEffect’s uProduce Dashboard. To be able to take a snapshot in time is advantageous both for archival and security purposes. Since recipients can request their PDF on-demand multiple times – and each time the PDF is generated from the data at that point in time – there may be multiple versions of the same template. For example, being able to save each PDF would allow a call-center to see exactly the document from the customer’s perspective at a given point in their journey.
  • SecURL: Circle now supports user authentication in personalized websites (PURLs) with SecureURL aka SecURL. In this workflow, when the recipient attempts to access a PURL, s/he is prompted to sign-in and provide user authentication. The SecURL protocol protects the PURL, which contains private recipient information from unauthorized users. SecURL is implemented on a project level.

Read the release notes to find out more.


What’s to come in 2019

Here are a few things you can expect early in the year:

  • Circle Analytics:

We are introducing a new way to fully incorporate analytics into your Circle projects, and this new Circle Analytics product will come with great new capabilities: You’ll be able to drill down into reports, export to different formats, share and schedule report sharing, play with color palettes and more. We briefly highlighted what’s coming in our recent webinar – Watch from TC: 40.54 to learn more.

  • uStoreX:

StoreFlow is evolving, and we will soon be launching an exciting software update introducing completely revamped out-of-the-box technologies and features. We briefly highlighted the changes in our recent webinar – Watch from TC: 44.26 to learn more.

2018 was a great year at XMPie, and we’re looking forward to hitting the ground running in 2019.

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