Win New Business from Enterprise Clients with XMPie’s e-Procurement IntegrationRESSOURCEN

Win New Business from Enterprise Clients with XMPie’s e-Procurement Integration


If you’re a print supplier who wants to sell to enterprises, like Fortune 500 companies, government/state organizations, educational institutions etc., then you must be able to connect your print room to your buyer’s e-Procurement system.  These systems are used by enterprises to purchase services or supplies online and to control spending across the entire organization.

We love e-Procurement so much that we recently hosted a webinar to present our new integration for connecting StoreFlow web-to-print sites to enterprise buyers’ e-Procurement systems.

This integration has enormous value for print suppliers on many fronts.  It will expand your sales reach as well as product and pricing availability.  And once you’ve got the business, you’ll have stickier clients who won’t want to change suppliers. On the other hand, for the print buyers, the integration will make the purchase process much easier, streamline the order process, reduce cycle times, lower procurement costs, increase order accuracy and automate the production of invoices.

New StoreFlow / e-Procurement Integration with PunchOut2Go

By setting up the storefront as an ‘approved supplier’, you can offer XMPie-based VDP and Cross Media services through your clients’ e-Procurement systems.  And because the integration is prepared and ready, you won’t need to spend too much time or effort implementing it.  We’ve already done all the development work for you. It will cut the time to launch in half!

Working closely with our partner, PunchOut2Go, we offer an integration that supports any type of e-Procurement system. It doesn’t matter which e-Procurement system your enterprise client is using; you can win the job if you have StoreFlow and our new e-Procurement integration plugin.

PunchOut2Go is an adaptable cloud-based gateway technology that sits between your web-to-print store and your client’s procurement system. It uses a custom uStore application layer that will look identical to a regular storefront page and it enables the StoreFlow/PunchOut2Go integration.

Here’s How the Integration Works:

  1. The enterprise buyer leaves („punches out“ of) the procurement application and enters your storefront catalog. This launches your website within the buyer’s browser frame.
  2. The buyer browses the web-to-print storefront, customizes and personalizes the items before adding them to the shopping cart while both applications maintain their connections. No orders are sent when the user checks out from this custom uStore Application layer. Instead, the shopping cart with the selected items is brought back to the buyer’s e-Procurement application.
  3. After returning to the shopping cart, the buyer proceeds through the normal workflow steps, which may include adding additional items to the requisition or canceling or editing the requisition.
  4. The order is only submitted to you when the buyer has actually added the line items to a purchase order and the purchase order is approved.

Watch the webinar replay to learn more about StoreFlow and the PunchOut2Go integration in our latest webinar.

Or get in touch if you would like to be able to approach enterprises and offer your services through this integration as one of their approved suppliers.