Winning with Labels and PackagingRESSOURCEN

Winning with Labels and Packaging


Take a look around. No matter where you are, you’re likely to see some type of creative label or intriguing package.

Digital printing is opening the labels and packaging market to new opportunities like customized and personalized packaging. In fact, Smithers Pira forecasts that digital print for packaging will more than double from $6.6 billion in 2013 to $14.4 billion in 2018.

As the digital packaging market continues to grow, Web-to-print solutions become very relevant to this industry. The need for a convenient way to customize, order and produce many short-run items is very apparent and Web-to-print sites offer a perfect fit to satisfy this need. Not only does Web-to-print reduce the costs of acquiring, processing and fulfilling orders, the software is easy-to-use and adaptable, allowing print service providers and companies to increase their workflow efficiencies.

Open the Possibilities of Labels and Packaging

Differentiation is key –packages need to stand out and be unique, while still displaying a relevant and effective message. Today’s brand owners are seeking to gain an edge, not only with innovative new products, but with countless variations to serve every conceivable preference.

At drupa 2016, XMPie demonstrated campaigns that turned the package into a powerful marketing tool, increasing brand exposure, sales and long-term consumer engagement.

Using XMPie software, not only can a label or a package be creatively engaging and eye-catching, but it can become the starting point for a dialogue between the brand and the consumer. XMPie’s core VDP and Web-to-print technologies, along with its new Open XM technology for digital media, all integrated with XMPie’s Circle for Marketing Automation, now make offering such solutions a practical reality.

Leveraging the Package to Enhance

Here are a few ways we believe labels and packaging can leverage the B2C bond and enhance and build the brand-to-consumer relationship:

  • Increased loyalty and sales through promotions by using coupons and other marketing mechanisms to attract the consumer
  • Personal information can be collected to build persona profiles so the brand has a pulse on what consumers like and dislike
  • It’s a simplified way to do “surprise and delight” communications by engaging the consumer with a birthday or holiday incentive
  • Creates new revenue options like analytics, cross media services, text messages, emails, etc.

Industry trends affirm that label and package printing is ready for the coming digital transformation, and companies that can use this new technology to drive down run lengths and production costs will be in a great position to benefit from this change.