XMPie Enables SAML-based Single Sign On from Salesforce.com to uStore Created Web-to-Print PortalsRESSOURCEN

XMPie Enables SAML-based Single Sign On from Salesforce.com to uStore Created Web-to-Print Portals

New York, NY., September 10, 2015 – XMPie, a Xerox (NYSE: XRX) Company, announces the availability of an XMPie Professional Services Offering to XMPie customers with uStore capabilities which enables the creation of Web-to-print portals that support a SAML-based single sign-on from Salesforce.com (NYSE: SFDC). 

One challenge that Service Providers face as they try to engage their Enterprise customers with Web-to-print service offerings is the need to explicitly login to the portal by the individuals who need the service. For example, a bank branch manager will need to have a user ID with login credentials and associated profile information in order to use the Web-to-print portals to print business cards.

Given that in most cases a branch manager already has a user ID, login credentials and profile in the bank’s CRM system, such redundancy can be a major problem. Not only does it require the individual (e.g., the branch manager) to manage multiple different IDs in order to do his or her job at the Enterprise, but it becomes an IT nightmare for the IT and Security department.

Such challenges form quite a barrier for Service Providers – in-plant or external – preventing them from offering Web-to-print services to Enterprise customers.

Now, with this newly announced SAML-based SSO capability from XMPie, Service Providers can offer Web-to-print portals that can be accessed directly from Saleforce.com without any additional login or User ID requirements. This removal of barriers opens numerous new Enterprise-class opportunities for XMPie uStore customers.

An important built-in benefit of this SSO solution is that the profile information from the Saleforce.com User who visits the Web-to-print portal (e.g., the branch manager) is automatically imported and can be used to personalize documents ordered directly from the portal. Creating a business card directly based on a person’s information in Salesforce.com becomes a very simple task. Using the Web-to-print portal to send direct mail to a group of recipients with the sender’s contact information, as it appears in Salesforce.com, is another easy task.

Optionally, through additional data-related Professional Services from XMPie, customers who create Web-to-print portals can link to their Salesforce.com data sources, and use this data to drive print or direct mail that not only uses the sender’s personal information [MM(1] but is also highly personalized to each individual recipient, based on the information in each recipient’s profile in Salesforce.com (e.g., prospects, customers, etc.).

 [MM(1]Mentioned in the following statement