XMPie Highlights from drupa: The Personalized CatalogRESSOURCEN

XMPie Highlights from drupa: The Personalized Catalog

With the largest print show in the industry in the rearview mirror, we’re taking the time to highlight the top three trends that made the show a huge success for XMPie. Kicking off this three-part series is the growth of the personalized catalog and why its time to shine is now.

The growth within personalized printing and the impact it’s having on the traditional catalog is undeniable. In today’s rapidly changing world, printed catalogs are top performers by nearly every measure. Now supported and driven by personalization and customization, the catalog is quickly becoming a major must-have in today’s print and marketing landscape.

According to research by InfoTrends and DMA, studies show that

  • 69% of consumers consult catalogs before purchases;
  • 63% were influenced by a catalog to make a purchase and
  • 77% were prompted by a catalog to visit a retail store.

So, it’s clear consumers enjoy the catalog browsing experience to better understand their options and perhaps discover something unexpected.

Reports also show that transactions are three times larger when catalog offers are personalized. So it’s no surprise that 68% of catalogers are seeking personalization solutions.

Our typical personalization campaign is planned and deployed using XMPie Circle and is based upon setting up the different media touchpoints and the customer data, such as profile information and buying patterns.  XMPie PersonalEffect generates the personalized pages and corresponding PURLs and QR codes that enable ongoing consumer engagement to achieve the ultimate goal of purchase.

Personalized, printed catalogs are not only experiencing a revival – they are being reinvented as a unique, targeted and engaging communication strategy that can lead customers from a highly engaging printed piece to a personalized online experience.

See also our latest video: Personalizing a Catalog with XMPie Cross Media Solutions.

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