XMPie Unveils New Personalized Video Solution at Graph Expo 2011RESSOURCEN

XMPie Unveils New Personalized Video Solution at Graph Expo 2011

NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2011 – XMPie®, A Xerox Company, announced today that it will be launching a video personalization solution as a new component of its industry-leading
PersonalEffect® software platform for Individualized Communications Management (ICM). XMPie uVideo™ is the first-ever cinematic-quality video personalization solution that is fully-integrated within a complete 1:1 multi-channel platform.

The solution consists of uCreate™ Video, a variable data desktop plug-in to Adobe® After Effects® that will be very natural for an After Effects specialist to use; similarly to
how InDesign® specialists can easily create dynamic InDesign documents using XMPie’s uCreate Print plug-in to InDesign, or how Web specialists can easily create
dynamic websites using XMPie’s uCreate XM plug-in to Dreamweaver®. Leveraging After Effects as the creative platform, and integrating it with XMPie’s unique Automatic
Dynamic Object Replacement (ADOR®) technology in the style of all of XMPie personalization solutions, is the magic behind uVideo.

Starting with either an original After Effects movie or an existing template from an online library, the XMPie uVideo user can realistically incorporate variable text, images, and
other footage with exciting special effects like animate, wiggle, shatter, blur, warp, distort, and more. Images created in Adobe Photoshop® or Illustrator® and personalized
with XMPie uImage® can also be embedded within personalized videos. Furthermore, personalized videos created in After Effects and personalized with uVideo can even be
displayed inside other personalized movies.

Once created, the XMPie software creates a novel, compact representation for the set of personalized movies called a MovieSet™. This leads to processing speed improvements
and memory/disk space efficiencies. Towards the balance of the year, XMPie will also be introducing a variety of playback solutions that leverage XMPie MovieSets, whereas
initially innovative and early-adopting customers of uVideo will be given technical assistance on how to embed personalized videos from MovieSets into personalized
landing sites.

“Working with our customers, we saw how some of them incorporated personalized videos into solutions that they were developing on top of our platform. We also observed
the phenomenal growth in the use of video as a communication medium. Subsequently, we began looking at bringing to market a solution that would follow our philosophy of
enabling the creative community—as we did for documents, imaging and illustrations—and would be efficient and practical. Leveraging After Effects was the key to this, and
MovieSets are key for making the results practical for production and use,” said Jacob Aizikowitz, president of XMPie.

“Having video as a fully-integrated media, rather than just something one can do through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), was another key requirement, and we hope
to see the impacts of this in the personalized videos that our customers will integrate into their industry-leading campaigns,” he added.

For more information about this product or other XMPie products that power personalized, multi-channel marketing campaigns and Web-to-print sites, please call
212-479-5166 or visit www.xmpie.com.

All of XMPie’s current products, including uVideo, uStore 5.0 and PersonalEffect 5.3, will be on display at GRAPH EXPO 2011, Sept. 11-14 in XMPie booth #400.