Delivering Creative Variability in Adobe InDesign – 27 September 2022RESOURCES

Delivering Creative Variability in Adobe InDesign – 27 September 2022


Imagine unleashing design repetition with total creative freedom.

Imagine using your creative powers to design messages that resonate with every member of your diverse audience.

Imagine having the freedom to choose smart production strategies and avoid manual effort wherever possible.

Imagine… creative variability at your fingertips!

You can achieve all this and more with the XMPie Plugin to InDesign, which merges imagination, creative variability and your data with design in real-time to generate hyperpersonalized communications.

Join us as we explore the potential for creative variability and spotlight this powerful software combination.

Learn how to:

– Use creative variability strategies to reach your audience.
– Add efficiencies to your design processes.
– Customize any element of your InDesign layout to reach one or millions of people.
– Designing for diverse groups, personalizing for unique recipients, or a little of both.
– Change text, images, object styles, layers and more within a single template.
– Use creative variability for Direct Mail, signage, packaging, and other print communications.
– Go beyond print incorporating your creative variability with other media channels.

This webinar content is suitable for anyone looking to add creativity variability and automation to their current offerings and marketing capabilities to increase production flexibility and efficiency.

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