4 Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2016RECURSOS

4 Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2016

As we begin 2016 we’re ready to hit the ground running to help print providers and marketers up their game for the New Year.  We’ve identified four major trends to keep on your radar as you begin to plan ahead for the coming months:

  1. Advances in Cross Media

Advances in cross-media marketing technologies are bringing new approaches to digital applications, making it easier for developers to work with personalization across every channel. The latest release of PersonalEffect with Open XM technology brings many new features including a revolutionary way to create and deliver digital media communications for cross media campaigns, with no tradeoff in presentation or design.

The integration of design, logic, and data, serving multiple media channels, makes it possible to accomplish the blending of these media-specific capabilities into one synchronized and effective customer experience.

  1. Digital Packaging Growth

Digital printing is opening the packaging market to new opportunities like customized and personalized packaging. In fact, Smithers Pira forecasts that digital print for packaging will more than double from $6.6 billion in 2013 to $14.4 billion in 2018. As the digital packaging market continues to grow, Web-to-print solutions become very relevant to this industry. The need for a convenient way to customize, order and produce many short-run items is very apparent and Web-to-print portals offer a perfect fit to satisfy this need.

  1. Web-to-Print Sites

Web-to-print technology is transforming the way providers do business. It enables PSPs to generate business during off hours, strengthen customer relationships, ensure brand control, expanding market reach, centralize administration and maximize.  It is critical to improving the print buying experience for your customers.  Make sure you invest in a system that can integrate with other internal or 3rd party applications like your Management Information System (MIS) to improve operational efficiency, improve data management and accessibility, reduce costs and increase sales. Learn about XMPie’s StoreFlow which can drive volume, reduce overhead and lower costs associated with every print order.

  1. Marketing Personas

Personas help marketers define different target segments by identifying profiles for different audiences.  Personas are helping marketers shape the way they connect with customers and will continue to do so, for years to come.  According to Cintell’s, 2016 ‘Benchmark Study on Understanding B2B Buyers’, “…personas are not only effective, they’re also lucrative. Of the nearly 140 B2B companies studied, organizations that exceed their lead and revenue goals are 2.2 times more likely to have formally documented personas than companies that miss those targets…”

To help marketers reach their different prospects with Personas, we’ve developed a new feature within our PersonalEffect 8.0 software called Audience. The Audience feature enables marketers to easily divide customers into different target market segments, each with its own messaging. With Audience, you can group recipients by any attribute or combination of attributes such as gender, age, location, and preferences.

What are your goals in the New Year? What trends are you most looking forward to exploring?