XMPie Users Group Tutorials – #XUG16Atlanta | November 13

 Four In-Depth Sessions Available:


Sunday, November 13 Track 1 Track 2

VDP Fundamentals, Tips and Techniques

Instructor: Deb Haines


Creating Modern eCommerce Experiences with StoreFlow (uStore)

Instructor: Idan Youval



Cross Media Essentials

Instructor:  Stephen Couch


The Customer Lifecycle – A Review of Sample Cross Media Campaigns

Instructor:  Irit Sherman



Get the most out of your visit to Atlanta with these optional tutorials taking place on the Sunday prior to the start of conference, Nov 13.  These attractively priced sessions will help you gain better understanding and insights into how to leverage your software best.  $150 per day (two tutorials)




Tutorial: VDP Fundamentals, Tips & Techniques [AM1]

Graphic designers can unleash the power of their imaginations when they work with the right tools in the right way.   Learn essential techniques for creating variable data print campaigns and how to transform static and/or versioned InDesign documents into data-driven personalized print communications with the uCreate plugin.  See how to unlock higher production speed using the XLIM composition along with its other benefits.  There will also be an introduction on how to integrate eye-catching images generated by Photoshop using uImage.  The tutorial files will be distributed so that you can follow along if you’d like or practice on your own.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Prerequisites: Adobe InDesign. Photoshop


Tutorial: Cross Media Essentials [PM1]

Transitioning from VDP to cross-media, involves many considerations and skills in several disciplines.  This tutorial will help you gain a good understanding of what is needed for your company to develop a cross media offering. In this session you will learn how to plan campaigns, analyze customer data, set up and deploy a sample cross media campaign including print, web email and SMS touchpoints. (Sample files will be distributed during the tutorial, so bring your laptop with Adobe Creative Cloud and XMPie v8.3 products installed for the opportunity to follow along.)

Skill Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisites: Adobe InDesign and uDirect (or uCreate Print)


Tutorial:  Creating A Modern eCommerce Experience with Storeflow (uStore) [AM2]

StoreFlow is an extensive package with a wide set of options that can be tailored to suit different web-to-print requirements. This tutorial aims to show you how to easily create new storefronts and what’s involved in adjusting and customizing a store. In addition to basic features and functionality, we will explore some of the new ways to achieve a good responsive design for your storefronts and review some of the do’s and don’ts for a modern mobile-friendly experience.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Prerequisites: Familiarity with uStore and XMPie tools.


Tutorial: The Customer Lifecycle – A Review of Sample Cross Media Campaigns [PM2]

The interactions a brand has with a customer should ideally create a well-connected, journey of inbound and outbound communications across different devices and different touch points.  Every stage in the journey is really an opportunity for the brand to gain more insight about the customer and improve the interaction at exactly the right moment.   In this tutorial, we’ll examine several cross media campaigns for the fictional company called Pressocup.  We’ll look under the hood and see how and why they were created and how Circle was used to orchestrate and automate the campaigns.  The Pressocup demo package is given to every customer, so learning all about this tool can be a great way to help sell your services.

Skill Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisites: Familiarity with XMPie VDP and Cross Media tools.