Back to Basics: Get Smart and Optimize Your Print Personalization with XMPie – 21 May 2019RECURSOS

Back to Basics: Get Smart and Optimize Your Print Personalization with XMPie – 21 May 2019

Are you struggling with your database publishing and VDP?
Are you trying to get more personalization capabilities out of InDesign?
Are you looking to add more value to your print services?
Do you want to help your customers succeed with their communications?
Are you always being told that personalization is the answer but you’re not sure how to get started?

Watch this webinar replay to discover the best way to create dynamic documents with automatic variability based on recipient profiles or versioning criteria.

Deb Haines, Senior XMPie Trainer and Solutions Specialist, and David Baldaro, XMPie Product Marketing Manager, will be discussing some key features of XMPie’s desktop tools, and demonstrating how easily you can get started and reap the rewards as your business grows.

Find out how to:

  • Take your print personalization to the next level by transforming static design elements into dynamic elements that change for every recipient.
  • Create personalized, data-driven output within InDesign in a process similar to the broadly familiar mail-merge or data-merge workflows.
  • Replace static graphics and text objects with dynamic images and messages that are of interest to your different customers based on simple rules or logic.
  • Impact text, images, styles, tables, page spreads and even layers with data or logic.
  • Do simple jobs like ticketing, versioning and numbering, in the same straightforward workflow as for more complex projects.
  • Create one, thousands, or millions of unique print documents with the advanced production capabilities of XMPie.

The XMPie workflow is geared to everyone, from complete beginners, to production operators, and professional designers, and relevant for an unlimited scope of applications, from small-scale database publishing jobs such as newsletters, event invitations, and large-scale jobs like enterprise communications, marketing communications, financial statements, Direct Mail, catalogs, and more.

This webinar content is ideal for:

  • Service providers looking for an entry-level production-grade personalized print solution and who are interested in evaluating the capabilities of the XMPie platform.
  • Graphic Designers who need an InDesign-based solution with the advanced functionality needed to quickly turn designs into powerful, customized and personalized documents.
  • Current XMPie Users looking to introduce additional staff to the XMPie workflow.
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