Campaigns-on-Demand: The Power of Circle, the Ease of a Self-Service StoreRECURSOS

Campaigns-on-Demand: The Power of Circle, the Ease of a Self-Service Store


Some of you are already familiar with PersonalEffect StoreFlow, XMPie’s platform for Web-to-Print stores and marketing portals. Your customers may be using a storefront you’ve built them to easily order print materials such as posters, business cards and branded merchandise. Your storefront can also offer something much more substantial: self-service campaign templates, or as we call it: Campaigns-on-Demand.

XMPie enables service providers to plan and execute campaigns across print, email and web, using Circle, our marketing automation platform. While Circle is a powerful Omnichannel tool, launching a campaign requires high involvement and time commitment by both the service provider and the business that the campaign is serving.

One way of saving time and delivering campaigns more efficiently is re-using previous campaign templates, instead of creating every campaign from scratch. We’ve covered this in our last blog post.

A different approach for delivering personalized campaigns with short turnaround cycles is by offering campaign templates on an online storefront, which can be quickly and easily tweaked to needs of specific end-users.


Try putting yourself in your customer’s shoes: she realizes that no one knows her customers better than the “people in the field”. On
the other hand, she can’t let every branch manager run their own multi-channel campaign: first off, they probably won’t even know where to start. Secondly, there’s a good chance that anything coming out of their hands will be off-brand and inconsistent with the original campaign.

With Campaigns-on-Demand, your customer and anyone on their behalf (branch managers, dealers, franchisees, etc.) can log-in to the company’s storefront, access the campaign template and modify it for their specific needs: adding the branch address, selecting the campaign launch date and uploading a list of their contacts to personalize each email, print material or web page.

The entire process takes place in the online store, with no set-up or coding required. The user experience of buying and modifying a campaign is just as simple as ordering anything else on your store, and the campaign can be purchased, modified and launched in a matter of minutes.

The best part: it’s truly a self-service process. Once authorized users select the campaign and make the required modifications, they’re good to go: the campaign will start running following the pre-set flows and touchpoints.

Just think of the benefits to your customers: with Campaigns-on-Demand, their field managers are empowered with an effective, off-the-shelf solution for personalized, Omnichannel communications. Having immediate access to ready-made campaigns exempts them from having to plan each customer touchpoint or spend time on creating their own creative or design work. Simply put, it’s unleashing the power of Circle in the hands of field managers.

Check out this quick video demo to see just how simple using Campaigns-on-Demand is: