Elevate the Customer Experience with Purposeful Personalization and Inkjet ProductionRECURSOS

Elevate the Customer Experience with Purposeful Personalization and Inkjet Production

Big inkjet news to update you with today. Xerox have just released a new inkjet press with High Definition image quality. They’re calling it the Baltoro HF Inkjet Press, and it’s the only press in the entry-level class to use automated intelligence to optimize and maintain color and image quality as well as self-correct in real-time.


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The press’ automated intelligence, along with its High Fusion ink and Xerox High Fusion W-Series Inkjet Heads, delivers true high definition 1200 x 1200 dpi image quality without the need to condition media with priming solutions or precoats. Eliminating the priming solution reduces press size, power consumption and total cost of ownership while increasing productivity.


We don’t often mention the hardware on our blog, but we’re happy to do so here because we’re excited about Baltoro’s potential, especially in the realm of VDP and integrated marketing.


For anyone looking to maximize their investment in the Baltoro, or any other modern inkjet press for that matter, omnichannel communication production capabilities are a great way to provide higher-value, targeted application services.


These inkjet presses bring all the advantages of digital printing including personalization, high speeds and automation to help PSPs compete and grow their business capabilities. When marketers supplement inkjet printing with email, web, mobile and other digital channels in omni-channel campaigns, consumers can interact with brands on their own terms, receive a better customer experience, and ultimately drive more revenue.


Omnichannel Communications Tools

The following XMPie software when coupled with inkjet production can take an omnichannel campaign to the next level:

  • PersonalEffect TransMedia: An all-in-one solution for creating and launching integrated, personalized campaigns across every channel. It merges design, data and business logic from a central server to either the print output format of the user’s choice (such as PPML, PDF, PDF/VT and more) or a digital channel such as email or a webpage.
  • XMPie Circle: A full-featured marketing automation tool for managing personalized omnichannel content and campaigns with a single integrated view of the customer. All the touchpoints, both print and digital, can be automated across the entire campaign.


Personalization in Action

To take a deeper look at a customer journey powered by inkjet and personalization software, let’s walk through an example of how the technologies can be used with another great Xerox press, the Xerox Trivor 2400 HF Inkjet:


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Unique Travel

Unique Travel, a travel company, has a robust customer database and wants to create a customized communication experience based on past travel preferences, purchase behaviors and interactions through various channels. The company is hosting an upcoming travel seminar and will use that event as a way to spark interest and begin the lines of communication with customers who fill out a brochure request form online.


Each customer on the list is sent a triggered direct mail piece – 12-page brochure about the seminar. Using PersonalEffect, all of the imagery and content within the brochure is customized to the individual based travel preferences indicated during the customer’s online information request. The brochures have an embedded QR code encouraging customers to attend the event. They can easily scan the QR code and complete seminar registration online. Linking from the brochure to a website complements the printed brochure and enables simple registration. To maximize the quality and content of the brochure, the company used the Trivor to achieve vibrant quality and colors on offset coated paper.

Once a customer registers, they’re sent a personalized registration confirmation email with all the information they need for the seminar. But the communication doesn’t stop there.


Following the seminar, Unique Travel sent all customers in attendance a travel package of coupon offers customized to their preferences – all data and logic for the coupons are created using PersonalEffect. The offers contain QR codes that when scanned will bring customers to a personalized web experience with more information about that offer or others, as well as the opportunity to book a trip. With the Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press’s in-line preformation capabilities, the coupons were printed on the press to ensure precise coupon production at an affordable cost.

Upon booking their travel, customers are sent an invoice with their receipt and a personalized itinerary, based on their preferences, for their upcoming trip. Given these types of documents will be lower-run, print-on-demand jobs, the invoices were printed on the cost-effective cut-sheet Xerox Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press.


Combined with smart analytics and an integrated workflow, inkjet lets PSPs apply data to omnichannel strategies to take customer communications and relationships to new heights.


Want to learn more about how XMPie solutions help power omnichannel communications with production inkjet? Send us a message below.