Looking into Open XM – 17 Mar 2016RECURSOS

Looking into Open XM – 17 Mar 2016

Find out how to plan and deploy a multichannel campaign with XMPie鈥檚 new and flexible Open XM technology. Open XM gives marketers the freedom to fully leverage state-of-the-art Web, email, and mobile media technologies while still ensuring that all personalized touch-points in the communications stream 鈥 Print and Digital 鈥 are synchronized perfectly.

This training session will be presented by XMPie Product Manager, Yaron Tomer, and XMPie Solutions Specialist, Steve Couch. There will be a strong practical focus delivering information of take-home value that can be put to immediate benefit including how to:

– Plan campaigns inside Circle

– Building campaign touchpoints 鈥 especially email and web touchpoints

– Launch and automate the campaign

– Analyse campaign results and amend the campaign in real time

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