Multichannel Made Easy – 30 May 2018RECURSOS

Multichannel Made Easy – 30 May 2018

From Storyboarding to Campaign Automation in Under an Hour

Got the hang of VDP but haven鈥檛 made the leap to multichannel yet?

Heard about multichannel software but afraid to use it?

Think that a circle is just a shape consisting of points equidistant from the center?

Don鈥檛 sweat! Watch this webinar replay and learn how to create a fully functional multichannel campaign in under an hour!

We will take you through the complete workflow of setting up and executing a multichannel campaign using XMPie Circle marketing automation software.

We鈥檒l cover how to:
– Storyboard a campaign flow in Circle
– Use the drag-and-drop application for diagramming multi-touch workflows
– Add print, email and web touch points
– Add new elements to an existing flow
– Jump from the InDesign workspace to Circle
– Integrate seamlessly with the XMPie uProduce engine
– View live, data-driven previews of any touch point
– Measure campaign results from the Circle dashboard

This webinar is suitable for:
– XMPie users who haven鈥檛 yet made the leap into multichannel and omnichannel campaigns.
– Anyone interested in seeing how easy it is to plan and launch a multichannel campaign powered by XMPie software.

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