New Product Features and Updates | June 2019RECURSOS

New Product Features and Updates | June 2019


Summer is almost here, and we’ve been busy! Here’s a quick rundown of our latest product updates and features:




  • External Touchpoint – External touchpoints allow Circle to communicate with external services and broaden its customer communication capabilities. This communication is triggered from an XMPL webpage, by clicking a button or upon a page load. For example, when submitting a form, a lead can be created in Salesforce, a recipient can be added to an event management service, or a coupon can be sent to a recipient’s wallet, using an external service. The external touchpoint defines the service with which to communicate (via REST API) and the recipient data to be sent (via JSON). XMPL  3.1 or higher is a prerequisite. Connecting an external touchpoint to provides easy integration with over 1000 services. Learn more.


  • Circle Analytics – We are delighted to bring you the first in a series of deployments to improve and streamline Circle Analytics. This phase includes predefined, out-of-the-box email reports available on your email touchpoints. You no longer need to define the basic email reports using Marketing Console (MC) since all email touchpoints automatically include the predefined reports. Circle continues to give access to MC reports just as before. New reports include key metrics such as delivered/opened/clicked, email performance, 24-hour performance over time, and link performance. Learn more.




  • uStore NG Technology comes with enhanced theme support, new theme editor and theme coding framework using ReactJS. Now you can:
    • Launch client storefronts fast; adjust and brand each one and preview instantly with the new interactive Theme Editor.
    • Go further by adding HTML, CSS, and Code for extra functionality like featured product areas, personalized product recommendations, and more.
    • Convert a legacy branded store to a new theme automatically.

Read more about uStore NG Technology here.


  • Support for FreeFlow Core – for defining multi-step workflows that preflight documents, automate imposition, and either submit jobs directly to your digital press or drop in a hot folder.




  • Enhanced link tracking – Together with the XES Cloud 3.5.1, important links such as XMPie RURL, Unsubscribe, View in browser, and PDF on demand are automatically tracked by name to identify the specific link performance (for mass email only). XES Client 3.5 is required if you wish to name links in your email to enhance link tracking.


Please reach out using the form below if you have any questions about any of our solutions or recent updates!