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Paperwork Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle!


No matter which business your customers are in, there’s a good chance that it involves paperwork. A Lot of it. Whether it’s a cable company sending out contracts, an insurance company issuing policies or an academic institution sending out application forms to prospective students – people all over the world still need to sign business documents. Nobody likes it, but everyone’s doing it.

As our world shifts to digital communications, electronic signatures simply make sense: they streamline the paperwork process, eliminating the hassle of printing out a PDF, signing it manually, scanning it and then having to send it back. And although this technology has been around for a while, XMPie offers a smart way of using digital signatures, with its integration to Adobe Sign.

With XMPie, you can create a highly creative, fully personalized PDF that recipients will find easy to engage with. Digital signatures reduce the time required to complete the signature process to seconds: the digital document clearly highlights all the places that need to be signed, and lets users fill these fields by either typing their name, uploading an image of their signature or simply scribbling their own signature – from any device.

But it’s not just about a better user experience. By incorporating the document into a communication campaign, the entire signature process can be automated, dramatically increasing completion rates of even those long and tedious legal contracts.

Consider the following use case: one of your customers, a regional bank, is sending out loan contracts to people who applied for loans and were approved. As opposed to promotional messages and other marketing collateral, this message from the bank is something that the recipient is actually waiting for, and hence is likely to open it and go over the contract. After being pleasantly surprised by the ease of completing the form, the recipient is led to a personalized thank-you page summarizing the loan details, and a copy of the signed document that he/she can download and save. At the same time, the relevant contact person at the bank is notified that this particular loan has been initiated.

In case a recipient doesn’t respond to the contract message, a follow-up email is automatically sent after a pre-set time, urging him/her to complete the process. Since every element of the campaign is tracked, you can even pin-point people who began the signature process but didn’t follow through, offering a targeted message for this group as well.

The Adobe Sign integration was showcased on our latest webinar on creating online stores for customers: skip to time-code 32:10 to see this section. The demo showcased in the webinar is part of a storefront created by XMPie for Banco De Euro (a fictitious financial institution used for demo purposes). This demo highlights an innovative way in which you can make communication campaigns readily accessible to your customers: XMPie’s Campaigns-on-Demand solution gives you a platform to initiate full-blown communication campaigns from an online store or a marketing portal. With the Adobe Sign integration, you can offer your customers a much more engaging – and effective – way to handle their paperwork.

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