Personalized Packaging and Web-to-Print: A Powerful Combination to Meet Consumer DemandsRECURSOS

Personalized Packaging and Web-to-Print: A Powerful Combination to Meet Consumer Demands


Capturing consumers’ attention is a nonstop, challenging and competitive endeavor. Products, packaging and labels must stand out and be unique while still displaying a relevant and effective message. To appeal to a buyer’s desire for choices, brands are also offering multiple variations of products.

The stakes are high for print providers to deliver. With the powerful combination of personalized packaging and web-to-print offerings, meeting these demands is easier than ever before.

Digitally printed packaging is already considered to have one of the brightest futures across all print applications. According to Smithers PIRA, digital packaging is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16 percent from 2015 to 2019 and more than double from $6.6 billion in 2013 to $14.4 billion in 2018. Some of the key factors driving growth in digital labels and package printing include:

  • Demand from brand owners for more variation, personalization and sizes, leading to shorter runs.
  • A security imperative to cut risks of counterfeiting, as well as comply with regulations of pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • A stronger multichannel communications strategy – brands are looking to complement their print communications with digital.

As the digital packaging market continues to grow, web-to-print solutions are becoming even more critical to delivering on consumer demands without sacrificing resources. Web-to-print sites offer a convenient way to customize, order and produce the short-run items brands are asking for while reducing the costs of acquiring, processing and fulfilling orders. The software is easy-to-use and adaptable, allowing print service providers to increase their workflow efficiency.


ZoxxBox, for example, is an online web-to-print store with a new solution that makes short-run, customized packaging convenient and affordable. With XMPie StoreFlow and the Xerox iGen, a complete workflow from ideation through production and shipping is efficient and cost effective. The end result is a package that is transformed into a powerful marketing tool to increase brand exposure, sales and long-term consumer engagement.

Packages like those from Zoxxbox that are creatively engaging and eye-catching not only grab the coveted attention of consumers but also become a starting point for a dialogue between the brand and the consumer. Personalized packaging along with labels can leverage the business-to-consumer bond and enhance and build the brand-to-consumer relationship by:

  • Increasing loyalty and sales through promotions by using coupons and other marketing mechanisms to attract the consumer
  • Building personal profiles through collected personal information so the brand has a pulse on what consumers like and dislike
  • Engaging in “surprise and delight” consumer communication through a birthday or holiday incentive
  • Creating new revenue options like analytics, cross media services, text messages, emails, and more.


Today’s brand owners are seeking to gain an edge through differentiation and attract buyers by serving every conceivable preference. Digital printing and web-to-print technologies hold the key to rethinking product packaging to deliver on these demands.

For print providers that can help brands distinguish themselves, big opportunities await.