The Fast Lane to Memorable Customer JourneysRECURSOS

The Fast Lane to Memorable Customer Journeys

Personalizing communications to grab your customers’ attention and retain them for the long haul is a must for every business. But to accomplish this individualization on a massive scale and cost-effectively, marketers need to automate as many parts of the workflow as possible.

That’s what AutoPoint has done with its advanced, automated email and print marketing retention platform powered by XMPie.  AutoPoint specializes in the automobile sector and is helping car dealerships and aftermarket vehicle care companies to improve sales and service revenue and ensure customer retention during every stage of the car ownership journey.

AutoPoint is using the XMPie PersonalEffect Enterprise Cross Media solution with the XMPie Email Service (XES) to power its automated and scalable in-house retention platform.

This platform includes AutoPoint’s flagship product, the Customer Journey, which keeps the dealer connected with customers at every step of their vehicle ownership lifecycle. It’s an automatic trigger-based lifecycle marketing program that sends highly targeted communications to drivers based on where they are in their ownership lifecycle.

Another service that AutoPoint provides is the On-Demand Campaign, a self-service online marketing portal that allows dealers to send ad-hoc marketing campaigns that are customized, targeted, and fulfilled fast. Campaigns can be initiated and launched directly by the client. Each dealer can log into her tailor-made marketing portal where she can see and select a wide range of ready-made templates for use.

AutoPoint’s marketing retention platform has decreased campaign deployment time from eight-ten days to just four hours, and reduced costs by eliminating the need for custom creative and data cleansing. Its business model is a prime example of how focusing on a niche industry and implementing production efficiency measures can pay off.

AutoPoint concentrated its efforts on a two-pronged approach: Automating every part of the production workflow, and creating a template-based system for content to be configured and tailored by the users themselves. And this tactic has succeeded; to go from creating a marketing campaign in ten-day time-frame to having one configured directly by the user and deployed within hours is impressive, to say the least.

AutoPoint selected XMPie because, unlike other solutions, it met all the critical specifications that were required for a scalable email and print marketing retention platform.  These included a powerful document composition and management engine, support for a variety of output formats, the inclusion of multiple servers for redundancy, an email marketing service that could handle a large number of variable objects, and support for an end-to-end InDesign workflow to protect special brand features such as custom fonts and Pantone colors.

XMPie is a true technology partner to AutoPoint, helping it to drive the business forward at every step of the way and stand out from the competition.

To learn more details about AutoPoint’s solution and XMPie technology implementation, check out the case study here.