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XMPie at drupa: Personalization Takes Center Stage

It’s hard to believe that drupa is less than a fortnight away. We’re gearing up to head over to Düsseldorf, Germany and are eager to share our new technology and product features with the graphic communications industry. If you’ll be at the show, be sure to stop by Hall 8B to experience how the latest XMPie personalization developments can drive your business across multichannel marketing, Web-to-print, labels and packaging, and MIS integration.  Click here to book a personal software demo.

Some key XMPie drupa highlights:

  • Customer life-cycle multichannel applications – XMPie will be presenting a complete series of multichannel campaigns, each fit for a different phase in the customer lifecycle such as lead nurturing, customer acquisition, an upsell campaign, special offers and promotions etc… Each campaign will show the unique value of a relevant, personalized mix of print and digital channel delivery.
  • Multichannel Marketing – We’ll be introducing our new and flexible Open XM technology, which gives marketers the freedom to fully leverage the latest Web, email and mobile technologies all while ensuring every touch point in the communication stream – print and digital – are in sync. Open XM enables personalization code to be easily added to any web page using a variety of programming languages including Angular JS, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and much more.
  • Web-to-print –XMPie will be bringing Multichannel Communications and Web-to-Print one step closer with its new Campaigns on Demand offering. At drupa we’ll be showcasing how Campaigns on Demand will expand the capabilities of Web-to-Print to include the ability to order multichannel campaigns directly from the web-to-print store combining any workflow along with multiple touch points.  Branded multichannel campaign flow patterns can be set up for use and reuse directly from your web-to-print store and the campaign will become an item that one can select, customize, order, execute, and track, directly from the web store interface.
  • Labels and packaging – With XMPie technology, the package can be transformed into a trigger for a follow-on digital dialogue between the brand and the consumer. Personalized landing sites, emails, videos, etc. are uniquely possible and will boost a brand’s ability to stand out and engage the consumer.  Moreover, the label or package template can even be selected and then customized and ordered through the Web-to-print storefront (Check out how one of our customers is already using a Web-to-print site to promote its custom packaging operation). We will also be launching a new ‘Web-to-pack’ platform with Highcon. This solution enables packaging manufacturers to add online ordering capabilities to their services through our Web-to-print engine.
  • MIS Integration – The new bi-directional integration between XMPie StoreFlow and Optimus dash MIS will be on display showing how orders from an XMPie web portal can receive immediate dynamic pricing synchronized with Optimus dash.

We’re looking forward to drupa and hope you are too. Follow us on our social media channels for live updates during the show: facebook.com/xmpie and twitter.com/xmpie.