XMPIE Launches StoreFlow Cloud – A SaaS Web-to-Print SolutionRECURSOS

XMPIE Launches StoreFlow Cloud – A SaaS Web-to-Print Solution

New York, NY, July 1, 2015– XMPie®, a leading provider of Web-to-print and personalized communication software, announces the release of StoreFlow Cloud – a subscription-based solution for creating Web-to-print portals.  With little or no IT investment required, StoreFlow Cloud lowers  the barriers to entry for practicing Web-to-print, making it easier for Print service providers and enterprises to embrace Web-to-print as a business offering.  StoreFlow Cloud is fully compatible with XMPie’s market-leading suite of solutions for personalization and multichannel communications, and it opens doors to the world of higher-value services, such as creating and managing marketing portals, which is the goal and aspiration of many service providers.

“As an entry level Cloud-based solution, StoreFlow Cloud gives Print and Marketing service providers a convenient way to participate in a fast growing segment of services,” said Jacob Aizikowitz, President of XMPie.  “At the same time, customers of StoreFlow Cloud will be able to jumpstart their journey towards transforming their businesses to become full-fledged, high-value multichannel service providers.”

StoreFlow Cloud offers a cost-effective way to create and manage e-commerce web sites that enable visitors to upload their documents, or select a template from a catalog and customize / personalize it, price the job, and submit it for processing and handling. StoreFlow Cloud leverages Xerox FreeFlow™ Core technology to streamline and automate pre-press functions and other print fulfilment workflows – critical for touchless, cost-effective fulfillment of jobs.

While StoreFlow Cloud is the newest addition to XMPie’s product line, it is a solid member of a well-established, leading family of offerings in Web-to-print and multichannel communications.

“XMPie StoreFlow continues to take giant leaps forward, making it one of the most intuitive, flexible, and extensible solutions available in the market today for expanding a print business and improving operational efficiencies,” Will Furphy, Managing Director at Technique, Melbourne, Australia.

Key features:

–          Unlimited number of static, customizable and variable documents

–          Adobe workflow for InDesign template creation and editing

–          Automated predefined prepress workflows powered by Xerox FreeFlow™ Core

–          Customizable, Mobile-friendly storefronts with intuitive shopping experience

–          Integrates with common payment gateways and shipping providers

Subscription plans start at $799 per month. Visit www.storeflowcloud.xmpie.com for more details.