XMPie PersonalEffect uStore 8.0 Released and Showcased at DSCOOP9RECURSOS

XMPie PersonalEffect uStore 8.0 Released and Showcased at DSCOOP9

Orlando, Florida, USA   February 24, 2014  – XMPie®,  A Xerox Company (www.xmpie.com), a leading provider of software for Individualized Communications Management (ICM), announces the release of uStore® 8.0, with key enhancements to its e-commerce platform.  

Through its compliance with JDF standards, uStore is fully compatible across all HP SmartStream workflow solutions and enables print providers that use HP SmartStream to establish highly efficient, automated, Web-print businesses.

XMPie PersonalEffect with uStore allows print services providers, agencies, or enterprises to create a range of web-driven solutions, from simple Web-to-print online shops to sophisticated Enterprise-class marketing portals with highly creative, yet customizable, documents and documents templates.  With uStore 8.0, all uStore-created Web-to-print or marketing portals sites can be fully mobile friendly, making them directly accessible to the fast growing population of users of mobile devices.

uStore 8.0 also comes bundled with uEdit™ HD, XMPie’s new generation online editing tool for high definition, pixel perfect modification and editing of documents and templates. Developed in HTML5, uEdit HD enables users to edit documents or templates directly from their desktop computer or mobile device.

Another timely and breakthrough capability that uStore 8.0 delivers, is the ability to select, customize and order multi-touch point campaigns. Such campaigns have a print or email outbound communication and a personalized landing website as a response mechanism. This kind of communication pattern is very popular, and being able to customize content in a way that affects all touch points in one customization step, is of high value and not available in any other Web-to-print solution today.

“Printers continue to report that Web-to-Print is helping them to become more efficient, acquire new customers and increase print volume,” says Jacob Aizikowitz, President of XMPie “With uStore 8.0, all printers, even those that use the Web-to-print for the simple document submission workflow can now make it accessible to the broad community of mobile users.”      

Other new features include significant improvements in automation, integration and control capabilities as well as convenient document file submission from external repositories, allowing shoppers to select documents from network drives and cloud-based storage portals.

XMPie will be exhibiting in Booth 901 at Dscoop9.