Explore Personalized Video Marketing with XMPie – 8 Dec 2020RESOURCES

Explore Personalized Video Marketing with XMPie – 8 Dec 2020


This joint session with Kernel Content Studios focuses on the use of personalized video within the marketing mix, and the XMPie Video Service.

Personalized videos are one of the best ways to connect with customers and provoke a response. By weaving the data seamlessly into your video to resonate with each individual, data-driven videos lead to higher conversion, retention, and engagement.

The XMPie Video Service can be used either as a standalone marketing tool or, if you already use the full XMPie Platform, integrated into a fully automated omnichannel campaign.

The webinar is hosted by David Baldaro, Marketing Operations Manager – XMPie, Yaron Tomer, VP, R&D and XVS Product Manager – XMPie, Tony Jones, Innovation Director – Kernel Content Studios and Neil Bennet, Creative Director – Kernel Content Studios.

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