Four Ways to Boost Creativity in the Customer ExperienceRESOURCES

Four Ways to Boost Creativity in the Customer Experience

Four essential ingredients for boosting the creativity of your Customer Experiences

Creativity is becoming a critical requirement for communicating with your customers over the entire Customer Journey. Not only do they expect (and deserve) no less, but a creatively led Customer Experience is fast becoming a key differentiator between brands and organizations, ahead of product or price.

Are you just keeping your head above water, producing readable documents that are simply a means to an end? Or are you consistently producing beautifully creative, contextually relevant, and value-adding experiences across every channel, even if only for an expected communication between brand and client?

Print technologies can now support personalization to the same standard as their digital counterparts and if you’re looking to upgrade your organization’s CX capabilities, you can invest in a single comprehensive platform. Or, as is becoming more common today, use APIs to build your tech stack with components from different solutions, each excelling in a particular function.

Either way, here are the four essential ingredients for boosting the creativity of your Customer Experiences:

Unlimited Personalization

Use your data to drive your communications with customized content to increase attention levels, retention, loyalty, and sales. By doing so, the quality of your data will improve every time your customer interacts with your organization. As you gain a deeper understanding of your audience, you’ll be able to anticipate and respond to their needs, reduce customer effort when they engage with your organization, and improve your communications for the future.

Unlimited Creative Content

Select a solution that gives your designers absolute freedom to leverage the highest capabilities of Adobe’s creative applications and achieve epic personalization. Unconstrained variability can be applied to any design element – text, backgrounds, styles, graphics, photos, and even videos –from page to page for maximum effect. With zero sacrifice to the original creative intent—the entire design is driven by data to make the most impact on your audience.

Unlimited Delivery to Print and Digital

Automate and simplify creative content production across every channel using a single personalization engine instead of siloed solutions. Since the only channel the customer cares about is “My Channel,” you need to be ready to deliver your content where and when your customer wants to access it. And remember that every interaction should be a seamless extension of their previous interaction, no matter which channel they are on now or which channel they just left. Their context and history will continue to the next channel with them. This kind of synchronicity is impossible without a single personalization engine.

Unlimited Scalability

Futureproof your operation by ensuring that your Customer Experiences can scale, adapt to different audiences, and absorb your organization’s growth. Whether you communicate to one individual, hundreds of personas, or millions of clients, your capacity for scale and responsiveness to demand must be ready. And no matter how many recipients, each customer should feel they are the single recipient of the campaign.

These four ingredients are all critical to transforming the Customer Experience and XMPie takes an API-led approach for advanced content personalization to be used both within the framework of its platform and beyond. So, whether leveraging the campaign management and journey-building included in the XMPie platform or within your current CX, CRM, eCommerce, or Marketing Automation solution stack, your personalization efforts can be enhanced significantly across print and digital.

To drive revenue and deliver an effective Customer Experience, start exploring how the XMPie platform can add value to your enterprise today.