A Peek Inside the Retail Marketing Innovation Lab – 25 Sept 2018RESSOURCES

A Peek Inside the Retail Marketing Innovation Lab – 25 Sept 2018


Digital technologies and personalization techniques have entirely revolutionized retail marketing. Innovation and partnerships are essential drivers for success in today’s marketplace where marketers are doing everything they can to approach the consumer and be relevant and engaging in that one moment in time.

Watch the webinar to discover a few of the many visionary retail-oriented projects which are being developed by PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), Xerox and XMPie.

We talked with Antonio Williams, VP & Director, Novel Printing Technologies at PARC and Elisabeth Rochman, Director of Innovation, Strategy, and Communication at Xerox, who shared some of their new projects. From smart packaging to innovative consumer engagement technologies, discover the innovation and partnerships that are shaking up the retail and packaging sectors and learn about the diverse opportunities within the retail space today.

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