Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Software? Take the QuizRESSOURCES

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Software? Take the Quiz

Take the Quiz

It’s been six months since you purchased your new marketing software.

Since that time, you’ve been preoccupied with helping your clients reach their audience and generate revenue. Your staff is growing its expertise, and you’ve got the software rep on speed dial.

What’s next?

Once you’ve added a new technology to your software stack, how can you tell if you’re making the most out of your investment? How can you determine whether your marketing software configuration is optimal for your business or if any adjustments are required?

In a world that is changing fast, it can be hard to figure out if, how, and when to adapt your business to capture your share of the market and meet the evolving needs of your customers.

Here are six questions that you should always have at the forefront of your mind:


Are you continually automating all the steps in your workflow?

To drive productivity and work efficiently and accurately, identify all the high-touch, repetitive manual processes that haven’t yet been automated. Your staff is a precious (and expensive!) resource. Assess whether they’re spending their time wisely on only the tasks of the highest value to the business. Aim to eliminate pointless human intervention yet still deliver your print and marketing services with the same or even better quality.


Are you always thinking of how to add more value for your customers?

You’re probably already offering personalization services in your communications package. Still, if that includes only adding a simple name and address to your Direct Mail, you’re missing out on a highly profitable opportunity. To achieve the high response rates that your clients demand, provide context to every interaction. Consider implementing hyper-personalized campaigns that use multi-level real-time data to deliver exquisitely relevant content to each recipient.

Offering advanced data-driven print is an obvious choice for any print provider wishing to stay competitive in the market. You might even be delivering some digital communications such as emails or SMS messages already. But are you using the same personalization engine to drive the entire campaign across multiple media channels – for both print and digital? That’s essential for guaranteeing absolute real-time accuracy in your communications. XMPie fulfills print, email, SMS, and even video personalization from the same personalization engine. The data, logic, or design can be changed or replaced without forcing any other changes, right up to the last minute.


Do you want to make the print ordering process easier for your customers?

Speeding up the ordering process is the first step towards increasing your customer satisfaction levels. If you’re not already using a web-to-print system for all print orders you’re missing a trick. It’s a critical solution for removing the obstacles created by a human-led production process and lets your customers access your print shop customers 24/7.


How can you increase the profitability of every job?

A greater level of workflow automation (and cost savings) can be achieved by deploying campaigns that integrate with other platforms such as CRM, Social Channels, Print MIS, or eCommerce systems. Manage one database in one place with bi-directional communication across your systems to reduce the risk of errors, streamline production and improve your order fulfillment rate.


Are you ready to transition your business from a regular print provider to a marketing service provider?

Moving away from a print-only approach to delivering omnichannel personalized marketing campaigns will help you move upstream from the competition. Is your software configuration already allowing you to differentiate your services in the market?



To help you decide what direction to take as you grow, we’ve compiled a few essential questions that you should be considering. Depending on your answers and your business needs and goals, we’ll assess whether your business could benefit from the XMPie personalization platform.