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Cashing In On Your Next Marketing Campaign


If your banking or financial institution is looking for a way to step up its marketing campaigns, increase response rate and build strong relationships with customers, cross media marketing could be just the ticket. Conducting relevant personalized communications with customers and prospects that span multiple channels is a surefire way to grow results on sales, loyalty and marketing effectiveness.

In this blog, we’ll illustrate this by walking you through an example with a fictitious financial institution, Banco de Euro.

Banco de Euro saw an opportunity to engage customers who have built up equity in their current homes and decided to develop a Cross Media campaign to target these customers. The campaign, which combines the power of direct mail and online digital communications, is sketched out using XMPie’s Circle campaign management software and is designed with four key objectives in mind:

1.) Promote home equity loans to existing homeowner customers.

2.) Offer a strong call to action by paying the customers first month’s payment

3.) Forward leads to appropriate personal bankers

4.) Encourage opt-in to communicate via email

Banco de Euro’s Cross Media campaign enables customers to see that their home equity can translate to cash to fulfill a goal or dream and allows Banco de Euro to cross-sell and upsell their products and services.




By targeting specific customer segments based on gender and age, the campaign messaging is adjusted accordingly to each recipient. A direct mail piece consisting of a personalized tri-fold brochure is printed and mailed to customers encouraging them to apply for a home equity loan. By incorporating both a Personalized URL and QR code for each recipient, the bank was able to drive the customers’ response to the web.


Personalized and Segmented by Audience


When the customer visits their personalized URL, they are asked to fill out a short survey with questions about their financial goals. Each response triggers an email to a relevant personal banker informing them of the potential lead or prospect that could later be followed up on.  As an incentive for customers that were approved for the loan, the first month payment would be free of charge – customers can then auto-generate a PDF on demand, which serves up an incentive coupon that can be cashed in when presented to the bank.




Finally, Banco de Euro uses Circle to monitor, track and measure the success of their campaign. With these metrics, the bank can analyze campaign performance and choose how to refine details and messaging.




If you’re interested in learning more about this campaign or would like to see a demonstration, please fill out the request below using the ‘Got Questions?’ form.

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