Discover the Power of StoreFlow with FreeFlow Core – 24 Sept 2019RESSOURCES

Discover the Power of StoreFlow with FreeFlow Core – 24 Sept 2019

Automate the Entire Workflow from Order to Output

With XMPie StoreFlow, you can automate the entire print ordering process and drive high-value product through your print shop.

But what about achieving even more automation and savings?

In this webinar, we are focusing on our partnership with Xerox’s prepress solution, FreeFlow Core: Now updated to include smart “Multi-Vendor Print” capabilities for efficiently preparing and submitting jobs to both Xerox and non-Xerox devices.

No matter what print press you’re using, you can use both of these solutions together to maximize every stage of the print workflow, lower production costs, allocate resources efficiently and save time.

Watch the replay to learn how to:
– Eliminate many costly manual tasks, such as order-taking and processing.
– Set up centralized print shop user management to enable different users to access different products of payment options
– Simplify cost recovery so your customers can not only place orders online but make the payment online too.
– Automate the process steps required to prepare a job for print.
– Automatically route a job to the best device based on job properties, device capabilities, economics or schedule – thus maximizing your entire fleet.
– Enable bi-directional JDF/JMF connectivity
– Achieve a centralized view of job and printer status for any device.

This webinar replay will be beneficial for:
– Print Service Providers seeking to automate their workflow across a variety of Print machines.
– XMPie Users who want to learn more about the FreeFlow Core solution.
– Anyone who wants to benefit from automation across the entire workflow.

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