At Graph Expo 2016 XMPie to Showcase Campaigns-on-Demand – The Next Frontier for Web-to-PrintRESSOURCES

At Graph Expo 2016 XMPie to Showcase Campaigns-on-Demand – The Next Frontier for Web-to-Print

Multichannel Campaign Ordering and Launching Directly from Web-to-Print store

XMPie®, a Xerox Company, today announced its new Campaigns-on-Demand feature, catapulting Web-to-Print into the world of multichannel, multi-touch-point, individualized communications.

As marketing shifts from a print-centric, one touch-point communications-focus, to a world where customer engagement is through ongoing multi-touch, multichannel, individualized communications, there is a growing need to expand Web-to-Print beyond one-touch, print-only media.

With XMPie Campaigns-On-Demand, it is now possible for a marketing team to create templates of complete campaigns, with multiple touch points and rule-triggered workflows. Such campaign-templates can then be selected, customized and personalized, and then launched through a much-enriched Web-to-Print style user-experience. With Campaigns-on-Demand, marketing can provide field-level groups – such as branch managers, franchisees, retailers, car-dealers or others — the power of self-managed, multichannel individualized communications rather than just single print-centric, batch communication.

“While Campaigns-on-Demand brings unique new value to marketing, it is also enabling service providers to transform their services and be more relevant to their marketing customers,” says Jacob Aizikowitz, president, XMPie. “While traditional web-to-print is still valuable, the need to transform and offer multichannel digital services is here and now, and our mission is to enable our customers to stay ahead of the curve.”

With Campaigns-On-Demand, multichannel campaigns can utilize the full range of XMPie capabilities including InDesign-based print templates, personalized landing pages (PURLs), uImage personalized images, refer-a-friend web forms, PDF-on-Demand, email and more. Campaigns-on-Demand will benefit large enterprises by allowing them to leverage brand-compliant campaigns that can be then independently ordered, thus streamlining the process and reducing time-to-market while increasing efficiencies in managing and repurposing marketing and communications programs.

Campaigns-on-Demand has been recognized with a 2016 Must See ‘Ems Award and will be showcased at the XMPie/Xerox Booth at Graph Expo, which is taking place Sept. 25 – 28 at the Orange County Convention Center North in Orlando, Florida.