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How to Integrate Geomarketing into Your Omnichannel Campaign


No matter what type of connection you are trying to make, knowing the exact location of your prospect will enable you to provide the right message to the right person. Evolving from the vast availability of location-based data, geomarketing provides marketers with a solution to close the gap between different marketing channels as they search for a more comprehensive way to create customer communications.

What is Geomarketing?

Geomarketing is used to improve the quality of the data used in a campaign, ensuring you are talking to valid, targeted audiences. No more wasting money mailing to bad addresses. Marketers can also use location-based services to enhance their message by providing personalized details on locations, directions, and distance. Including personalized elements like these are proven to increase engagement and response rates on direct marketing campaigns.

Integrating Geomarketing Solutions into Your Omnichannel Marketing

As consumers increasingly become media-savvy – moving between online and offline media – choosing the right media channel to reach them is an obstacle most marketers face. To solve that challenge, many marketers are turning to an omnichannel approach for their customer communications.

Omnichannel marketing involves an alignment of messages, touch points, and designs across all channels. Whereas multichannel marketing means that a company uses different channels to spread their message, omnichannel marketing has a focus on cross-channel relationships and a seamless flow between different communication channels making it as easy as possible for the customer to interact with the brand.

The goal of an omnichannel approach is to reach the customer wherever they are, making it as easy as possible for them to do business with you across the different media channels. This means on the one hand being present on different relevant marketing channels and on the other, mastering the bridge between those communication tools.

For your omnichannel marketing to be consistent and complementary, your marketing tools must be in line with your message and the value you provide to your customers and prospects.

Location-based services provide an ideal marketing tool to close the marketing channel gap—by connecting your online and offline communications. And with data being an integral part of omnichannel marketing, these geomarketing solutions enable marketers to take advantage of customer data in a creative way.

Geomarketing Put Into Omnichannel Practice

De Bradelei Stores run several shops across the UK selling fashion at discounted prices. For one campaign they wanted to win back lapsed customers in order to boost autumn season sales.

The company partnered with print service provider ‘Eight Days a Week Print Solutions’ to target their broad customer base with a direct marketing campaign aiming to drive traffic to the stores. De Bradelei also sought to gain new insights for future marketing planning and campaign creations.

Eight Days a Week Print Solutions turned to geomarketing specialist locr for personalized maps to direct the recipients to their nearest outlet store. To create the A5 direct mail postcard Eight Days a Week used XMPie’s uCreate for an easy integration of variable data into the project workflow.

A controlled A/B test, with and without personalized maps, was used in the campaign to track the results for future marketing planning and to analyze the effectiveness of geomarketing as the basis of marketing activities.

The A/B test revealed a 63% higher response rate for the direct mail with the personalized geomarketing components than for the static mailer without any personalization.

This example shows how brands can keep up the dialogue with their customers across different marketing channels.

Want to learn more about the benefits of geomarketing solutions for your next omnichannel campaign? Geomarketing expert locr offers solutions that enable print and marketing service providers to take advantage of the power of location and seamlessly include it in their omnichannel communications. Find more information on the locr website.